server problems

i can log into my server, but no one else can Dx. someone said something about port forwarding but idk what that it

Port forwarding is a feature of most consumer grade routers. A router will often come from your ISP and sometimes is a Router/Modem combination. Port forwarding tells the router which computer to associate a given port with. Your router login page can usually be found at with the default username and password being admin admin, but this varies depending on your router manufacturer. In your router settings you will see something that says Port Forwarding or DMZ Host go to that page. Example port 14802 TCP and UDP to 192.168.1.* is usually your LOCAL LAN ip range. The router settings page or connection properties will usually tell which IP you are. Typically most users connection settings default them to randomly assigned DHCP as their local IPs you want to switch this to a single IP probably or . Details may vary depending on your OS and router. More details can be found at or by doing a google search for Port Forwarding. Also be sure to check your firewall settings to make sure connections are not being blocked elsewhere.