Server Wars

Here's a suggestion that I think all you server owners might enjoy.

On my server, I am going to build an arena of sorts designed for server v.s. server events.

Players who consider themselves “regulars” on a particular server can put on a guild tag for that server and join in events designed to see who’s group is the best. Since each server has a different method of intended play, it should prove interesting.

We can have a thread declaring the weekly or monthly champion and the owner of the winning server should give out rewards as incentive for people to play.

I think something like this could have some serious potential. Let me know what you guys think!

I forgot to add, we could even host an entire server for this sort of thing so that we can have 24/7 Server Wars. Just a thought.

Re: Server Wars

I nominate myself for Sentinel. I'll knock over anyone in my way :open_mouth:

Re: Server Wars

I don't want AoF to get into this, this isn't what it was created for, it was suppose to be a new classic graal. :f

Re: Server Wars

Best competition we'll get is maybe 3 people.
Worst chances we'll get is if the host keeps modem tapping to win :open_mouth:

Re: Server Wars

sounds like a very pimp idea. Seems cooler if we just designed an area or special servers with peices from other servers. Instead of just sparring. Like for special event type deals, you select what server you will play for, And your account details like heart count etc. are taken from what you have on that server. Also takening a couple of npcs from each server and giving it to their representing people.

That way you can have people fighting in the style of that server. Aka the Sentinel's bomerang crazy etc.
(then just do some quick balancing in ways of a handicap for certain groups, incase some servers its easy to get 20hearts and others only have 4)

Re: Server Wars

Every server gets to make their own NPC-weapons to use on the war-server. There should be rules of how to make those NPC's. How much damage each weapon should have and stuff.

But stuff like that would probably be easier to fix with NPC-server.

There could be long-range fights, shortrange, explosives etc.

Re: Server Wars

Hell, how your explaining it you might as well create a Era 2

Re: Server Wars

I'll just sodomize 'em with a lvl1 sword, problem solved.
Don't care if they have lv2 or 3, or even have 2 full hearts over me.
I'll still smack the bitch up :open_mouth:

Re: Server Wars

Not really. Just sparring-rooms with weapons from the different servers that can't be used if you don't have the Servername guild-tag

Re: Server Wars

[quote=HanduponyoHip ] incase some servers its easy to get 20hearts and others only have 4)
Actually, I was thinking that all player should have have 20 hearts and a level 4 sword. Keeps things somewhat even. And I like the idea with the weapons. Only, they should be majority approval by a committee of participating server owners.

This has a ton of potential, but we need to play our cards right.

You should create a global tag, regardless, for those who wish to represent AoF. It's up to you whether or not you reward them. Also, server style should be irrelevant; my server is going to become a RPG server. It's about the inter-server relations.