Server wont allow others to connect, but I can?

Why wont my server allow other players to connect but allows me? I have my ports forwarded correct, have the same IP, it just wont allow others to connect. Contacted my ISP and they said the error isnt on my end if its allowing me to connect, rather its on your end? Dont understand.

Gotta be 'dem ports.

if it were the ports it wouldnt allow me to connect myself.

The Listserver now records your external IP and matches it up, if you’re the host, it redirects you back to your local IP. (To make it easier for the hosts to connect, however it makes it harder to debug)

check to make sure your 192.168 ip isnt within your router’s DHCP range (else port forwarding wont work)

how do i check my dhcp range?

actually you can connect even if your port forwarding isnt right . but only you cause your hosting it .

You could always check if the ports are opened…

yeah my router sucks wicked, says my ports arent open. i think router is broken

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yeah my router sucks wicked, says my ports arent open. i think router is broken

ive had to do this to get my server working right, so this worked for me

(im using windows XP so certain things might be different for you, if you have trouble, ask on forums)

finding your DHCP range depends on what kinda router you have, as for me, I have a Westell…all I do is highlight Configuration to get dropdown menu, Advanced Lan to get another sidemenu and click DHCP…

you will need to know admin account and password to access this part…ask your parant or contact your internet service provider for the information. has instructions on how to find DHCP range for different modem types, they have a list, if your modem isnt in the list, ask on their forums.

to change your IP so its outside the DHCP range once you find it go into Control Panel (where you usually go to “add or remove programs”, double-click Network Connections to get a list of the connections your computer is utilising, (for me, there 2 is, Hamachi and Local Area Connection)

rightclick on Local Area Connection and Click Properties

in the new screen under the “General” tab, scroll that little box down to highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties

first is setting the ip to be outside DHCP range, set “Use the Following IP address” instead of “Obtain an IP address automatically”.

now beside Ip Adress you insert your desired IP address outside the range, easiest is at least 1 or 2 numbers higher or lower (making sure not to be the same number as someone else in your home network, else niether of you will be able to surf anymore) to find out the other IP’s, under configuration, hightlight Advanced LAN and click DNS, it will show “Discovered Local Devices” one of em is your IP, the others belong to the other computer’s on your network.

now after setting your IP address outside the DHCP range, open a command prompt (cmd.exe) type ipconfig /all to get info for the rest (subnet mask, and default gateway)

if you are “Obtain DNS Server Address Automatically” set it to manual, to get the information for this, goto the Connection Summery page of your router
Primary DNS, goes in Perferred DNS Server Slot
Secondary DNS, Goes in Alternate DNS Server Slot

once thats finished click OK, click ok to close the connection properties, and reboot your computer…

use’s Port Checker to see if you did it right.

if you are still having problems, ask on the forums…or contact your ISP.

thank you Dontar!

o_o lol
Well if the instructions to make your IP more static on your LAN worked, I guess I’ll have to consider it an alternative for people who have these issues.