Just curious, what serverside commands work without npcserver? server.flags and variables of course, but what about addweapon and the like? and join?

also what is the usage of clientr. and serverr. i know one you can access from client and store on server but how exactly does that play out?

A lot of serverside commands work offline, so be wary of using them. An example would be onwall2, which works offline but not online.

So, without npcserver is there a way to use putnpc and save the level with the npc on it? and what is the proper use of //#CLIENTSIDE and //#SERVERSIDE

Without an NPC-Server, do not use //#CLIENTSIDE
//#SERVERSIDE does not exist.

Putnpc, playerhearts, setlevel2, and etc work without an NPC-Server.
It’s only NPC-Server driven commands (putnpcs2, timevar2, with( ){ }) that will not work.

No there is not a way to save a level with an putNPC on it.

No serverside commands work without an npc-server. The npc-server, by definition, allows serverside commands. It seems like you don’t have a good understanding of old Graal, before the npc-server was created, as a lot of the examples you give are actually clientside commands.

server.flags have been in Graal forever, and predate the npc-server. clientr.flags and serverr.flags are new constructs added by the npc-server. They are flags that can only be set by serverside scripts, or via RC. Our gserver does support them. If you attempt to modify a clientr.flag or a serverr.flag, the server will ignore the request. The only way to set them is via RC.

addweapon doesn’t work, but I have created a triggeraction hack to simulate addweapon behavior:
triggeraction 0,0,gr.addweapon,weapon1,weapon2,weapon3,and so on;

join support has been hacked in too. join myclass; will add the code from myclass.txt to the NPC.

Okay thanks Nalin and Beholder, I actually have more experience with old scripting than new, its just i never actually got the chance to have something online other than 1.39 so I didn’t get to screw around with it much. That answers the questions I have except for the one about if it is possible to use putnpc and have it save onto the .nw file…

Basically what my original problem is, is that I am using showimg and what is happening is that if someone else is on the same map with the same npc, it overlaps the images, and offsets one to the left a little bit. I have no idea why this is happening. I threw //#CLIENTSIDE in there at the recommendation of someone, which is now promptly coming out.

Any ideas why this is bugging? I load the client. strings into this. variables so i can mess with them math-wise and then re-setstring the client. strings…

Use showimg with indexes greater than 200. If you use it with an index of less <= 200, it will show that image for everybody.

Also, no, you can’t use putnpc and save the NPC inside the .nw file.

Nalin, you’re the man! I knew about that a long time ago but was lost to the crevaces in my brain…

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any idea why my npcs are showing up with positive index values in testplayer? and why my players aren’t showing up with a correct index under testplayer?

Nope. I’ve never been able to get testplayer working properly.

Doesn’t even work properly in offline mode if I recall O_o

so you just need a myclass.txt in a folder in your gserver?

pretty much

You’d have to know how classes work first, Pyro.

Yeah, like how Pyros are good at detecting Spies. :open_mouth:

You recall correctly. Thanks for the insight fellas.