Serverwarp does not work with servers using spaces in their names.
The command is initiated (validated by the listserver?)

However the player ends up on a non existant server involving the first word of the server name. Quoting the servername just prompts an incorrect servername and does not attempt to connect to the server in question.

The gserver doesn’t have any code for serverwarp. It is all the client’s doing. So I dunno what to do about that.

this is why graalonline has a playerworld id without spaces.

Boomy lands server id = graal2001, zodiac’s serverid = playerworld43 or something.
I know we’re doing it another way and just processes the name.

And yes, it’s probably the listservers fault, since the listserver is the one returning the ip and port related to the servername that was requested on the server. The listserver is simply returning the wrong data which causes the client to connect to the wrong server.

Clientside serverwarp executed -> GServer, GServer requests info from listserver -> GServer retrieves info -> sends info to client

:confused: but people are stupid and put server id names with spaces

I am fairly positive the gserver has nothing to do with serverwarp aside from sending the single packet that enables it.

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Okay, I’m wrong. :x The gserver does get a packet. I’ll have to look into it.

The client has no constant connection with the listserver nor does it save a list of the servers in the memory. SO, the gserver has to request the servers ip and port from the listserver, and then send it to the client so the client knows where to connect.

You so smart :]

I discovered the issue. The listserver wasn’t putting quotation marks around the server’s name. I fixed it and updated the listserver. It will work from now on.

how do i use serverwarp? o_o

You don’t.

Hey Tony, like this:

serverwarp Enigma Graal;

I am pretty sure anyway, it makes the client connect to another server :stuck_out_tongue:

excellent >=D

If that shock server is still up with all the pictures of disfigured people and gore and whatnot just serverwarp everyone who loses a spar to that, they deserve it.


Its still up!

serverwarp shockserver;


oh god

welcome to hell