i wanna make some furniture but can i use setshape for swimming or makeing the playersite as opposed to blocking?

You have to use setshape2 for that.Probably.

Just be careful with setshape, if you screw up the numbers, you’ll be unable to grab the NPC (Ie: unable to edit it). So you’ll have to edit your level through notepad to get rid of the setshape, to work on it some more again.

uhhhht this is embarrasing… i dont know how to use setshape2 :\ the documentation for it is poor and i havent seen any examples

Oh, k.

setshape2 width,height,array;

The width and height is in tiles.
It lists the tile types in the documentation. I think “3” was for chairs.

So lets make a chair, make it… 2 x 2 tiles in size. Which is (2 x 2) 4 indexes in an array.

setshape2 2,2,{3,3,3,3};

or to make it look more friendly.

setshape2 2,2,{3,3, 3,3};

yayyyyy thanks dude, your amazing

In yee old days, people just drew a couch. set it to non blocking and to draw under the player. Then stuck chair tiles and wall pieces underneath it. lol

That’s exactly what I do, hahahaha. It’s quicker than using setshape for me.

Everyone still does that.

I definitely still do that. Shoot. :megaeek:

dude i need this for furniture lol, its easier using setshape then manipulating tiles when it comes to furniture :smiley:

lol in that case, beware, putnpc gets erased with an update level.

Is there any real advantage to using setshape instead of just laying NPCs over appropriate tiles? Other than cleanliness?

Cleanliness, making it so people can’t change a door.png to no-shield.png to pass through it, useful for ‘generated’ obstacles in NPCs, invisible mazes and making a level within a level via: attachplayertoobj

Nothing useful to add other than: a dream inside a dream, inside a dream, inside a dream?!

Pretty much. The Player Room and Bomberman Rooms on Bomber Arena all run on setshape2, but that’s mostly because you’re not actually touching the NPCs you see in the levels, they’re showimgs.