Shaded Legend

Does anybody have the Weapons/Items for Shaded Legend? I wanted to host it and play it, seeing as I’ve never played it. The intro seemed really cool.

shaded legend was tight. cant remember any special weapons. that server was all about the honorable pk, which is 3 hearts and level 1 sword, hah. fun times.

i do have a back up however all the code is in gs1 with npc server support . I thought about putting it up however 1 , i don’t have time to work on it and any time i do have is spent playing minecraft and 2 seeing how any time i come here i got to deal with bs like the above post that has convinced me this place isn’t worth the time or effort . sorry people but I don’t see the point in doing anything for a community where the so called “mods” have such a problem interacting with the rest of the community in a mature manor . I’m more then happy to help ya out but i must warn you that everything is pre-GS2 which broke almost everything .

chillax, yo