Shaded Legends Releases

for now im gona use this post to inform the community of new stuff added to the server . so far here is what is working .

  1. Zormite Quest - one of the very first quest’s . at the end rather then cut down the tree you have to blow it up with a bomb . once i finish re-scripting the axe i may change it back . the prize is the fishing pole , which i am currently in thee process of re-scripting .

  2. Pk Zone - this is the place above the area0 part of the map (area0 being where the event house , item shop and trainning center are . nothing special , just a level to pk players .

  3. Spar Arena - the house next to the hat shop left of area0 . there is only one spar to use for now but it will do till i link the other 10 smaller spar area’s .

  4. Item Shop - right now you can only buy bombs , arrows , hearts and fishing bait . which fishing isnt done yet so don’t plan on any refunds .

today im working on the bank script’s , after that i dont know . i still have lot’s to do . In advance the event’s wont be working for awhile . seeing as the community isnt that big there really isnt anyone to play event’s other then fellow developer’s from various server’s . so they are not top priority .

                                          ~Mystical (Manager Of Shaded Legends)

Why release with no content?

why release , it’s been released . its more of an update . the server has been open for about two week’s . and more to the point , why not ? why keep it all blocked up for me and me alone to use ? if i was gona be selfish i wouldnt have even put it up , but im not doing this for me . im doing it for the community and future generations to enjoy .

You should keep WIP servers private and release them when completed.

if that were the case there would be no server’s . cause no server is ever finished , they are always under constant work .

And how is that any worse? I think it’s better.

Don’t even reply to him, MysticalNinja.

well im switching gears . i am not finished with sl yet , but im not gona getting it back to where it was when it closed any time soon . so im gona put it on the back burner . ill work on it here and there but it wont be up anymore . Instead im gona get to work on “Zombie Wars” . it should be that complicated to make an area , a few weapons and some system’s . and i can always add more area’s to it at any time as they are done . anyone willing is more then welcome to join the project . just let me know your account name throu forums, e-mail, or pm . when i get something done it will resemble Zone , but instead of killing players you will kill zombies .


Can I reply to him instead?

Hi Duncesider.

That’s new…