Shadows help o;

I noticed, many things have many shadows, mainly shadows displaying from the right area.

So if the sun is displaying around the bottom left sky area, then how would the shadows look exactly, or anyway honestly I need something to go by for how I do my cliffs, first time actually making big cliffs honestly just learned taught myself today and added cliff tiles into a new tileset. xP Might even re-draw my cliffs later. but yayaya

Any images with how shadows work exactly the correct way instead of some bugged out “Shadows in 360! even though the sun should have effect” way?

Examples for meh so I can make prettier levels. xd Thanks.

More or less from a reality point, sun is left, shadow should be on the right behind something. But in Graal perspective? O:

I typically make the shadow go behind. This frees up more space to place things closer together and less tile conflictions.

Something like this then? xd

Added that small part on the right, if you notice it’s somewhat of a realistic view if the sun is from a downward position considering the sun would have some shade set going from the tip of that right pivit down.

Just be careful, you’re not being consistent with the cliff tiling.
Back of the shorter cliff should be a tile longer, corner’s should meet it properly then (look at your big cliff for the example)
Big cliff’s right side is an extra tile wide, look at your smaller cliffs for proper example.

You’re going to have to put an example Beholder, most of the cliff tiles I have seen on the offical forums, including the “example tutorials” have much of the same as what I am doing oO…

Cliff tiles are bitches

There are 2 different styles.
You are going for the slopped method.

Big cliff in the center, right hand side has a tile error.
Look to short cliff’s right hand side for correct example.
(You have it coming out 1 tile too far)

Short cliff in the back, you forced the diagonal bits to fit with the horizontal bits.
Look to your big cliff for a proper example. (You had it one tile too short)

better? o:

I think he means like this. Keep the small cliffs the same as they were before, and I couldn’t find the grass tile for the bottom corner peice.

He said CHANGE the BACK of the SMALL cliffs. I don’t really care about the big cliffs atm xD Don’t need them, I’m not making area’s containing thick mountains yet.

You also have tile errors on the left and right back parts :stuck_out_tongue: and on the front on the right side as well connecting to the |

Your backs are also not correct, they should be big line, to small line, to space(kinda) then loop and small on top I guess.

He said I did my big cliffs backs correct, I just messed the big cliffs right up originally and the back of the small one, he said it’s one tile short, and on the big cliff it was 1 tile to many.

( They don’t have back tutorials on the Official graal forums, only fronts,front turns, and sides.

But thanks for trying, Spoon. No go though didn’t much for me besides how I mixed around the sides of the bigs right.

Could you circle the tile errors and put up the image?

Of course :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, Figure one is what it should be for those.

You have what’s on Figure 2.

I may be using a custom tileset, but I haven’t made any edits to Cliff tiles besides my front tile (I have 2 different front tiles, I am yet to use the second one may use it later for “Fake walls” ) I’m going to make cliff edits today after I figure out how I can make them and should to adapt to “Zelda perspective” all sides blah blah, I like dead on view cliffs, but that wouldn’t make much sense if you cant get up them from the back, nor see behind the back xd was thinking on which to use and I’m just going to learn to use these and keep these.

I knew the corner tiles in the back were wrong I just didn’t feel like looking for the correct one. :stuck_out_tongue: There isn’t anything wrong with the why I did the back, it’s just another way to do it.

But there is problems in the back ;p How the shades act as part of the mountain. It looks better when you organize it, just like scripting spacing is key. this == that instead of this==that. ;p

But stay on topic this doesnt help me >:0

I want to continue with the rest of Evi’s re-newed outside tileset asap so I need to know if I have all the correct tiles for the mountains and know if I’m doing it correct xD

That’s fucking horrible. Even from you, Spooon. o_o

So tell meh how I’m doin beholders? :smiley: better or what? O:

Honestly, don’t care. Just threw it together in a few mintues. It’s not even how I like to make cliffs. :[

Nalin was right, you guys really do suck. Close this topic ;[ I’m getting no-where.

He didn’t even answer you yet.


Then I wait ;[