Shimeji WIPs

Martini Dog
Based on

Using this as practice at doing Shimejis in general before I do anything completely original.

Not perfect, clean, or colored but it’s pretty cute when he walks

Next (basic) frames:

Falling (1), Dragging/Sway (6), and Squat1 (1)

Basic Lineart 3/46
Colored 0/46

Possible extra frames if I decide to add other idle animations or extra transitions on drops and such, though I like Shimeji’s that can use the default behaviors/actions confs so maybe not

very nice, thats pretty cool dude

Poorly colored ( and bleeding ) demo of the martini shimeji with only basic walking frames

Other frames are basic shimeji

Unzip, run shimeji-ee.exe, requires Java


are you actually a furry


are you actually a downs syndrome child

lol, looks pretty neat :smiley: I wouldve done a better job but fireworks was being weird :frowning:

Still working on the lineart touch ups, those colored versions are bleeding and messy but I did it before sleep to demo it walking

I’m working on his sleeve and mostly his legs, his legs piss me off in the walking ani

After I get down the walking lineart, at least in shape (if not clean lines, which I can come back and do over) then I’ll start the falling frame and swaying frames

neatos, makes my colouring in of your image look crap lol

first base of falling frame, far from perfect but in the general range of what I want…

can i make a platforming server on graal with these

why not I don’t care what you do with them, but they’re not done yet but I will post them when they are completely finished

most of those coloreds have bleeding in them, also I have been changing more lines too

anyhow I’ll finish all the linearts first then when I’m happy I’ll do serious coloring, but if you only need the walking and falling and things like that you’re welcome to use what frames are done sure

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in fact go on deviantart or google shimejis and grab a complete one where you can test out some other frames to get a good idea of which ones you need for the platformer

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New demo, contains walking frames (fixed again, happy this time), falling (happy), swaying/dragged (cheated but very happy without outcome)

To test him, unzip and run shimeji-ee.exe

He will walk and run on his own (running looks less beleivable than walking but that goes for shimeji’s in general unless I decide to add more animations to it later with a custom conf) but to test his swaying frames you must pick him up and throw him around

He’s a bit hard to do that with since he’s alpha’d, gotta grab him on a line (I go for the eyes)

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It appears miss gina hyena has done a shimeji!

I’m a lazy fucka