Shit from Jack's Thread


Anyone watch shark tank? This feels like that.

I love that show, Kevin O’leary always makes everyone feel bad.

Spooon is kevin
Riley is Barbara
Jonus is Mark

who is damian and robert

Which one’s Barbara?

Red dress/riley. Riley’s her because she always invests in people’s stuff even if it’s stupid and riley does the same with servers

Stupid questions aren’t meant to be answered.

Barbara is the black guy

Woah, I didn’t mean that in a bad way. And I don’t contribute anything, I’m not even as active here as I used to be.

Lol riley got butt hurt

I think it’s contagious

no thats herpes


it does make your butt hurt

you know what else makes your butt hurt?


how knotty of you


So I’m the bad-ass with a heart of gold?