Shitpost goes here.

He posted well after you edited. lol

His face is nice, like a thread. A thread that is nice. Like this one.



ok i’m done now I had to get that off my chest

vBulletin used to be THE forum software back in the days. Now it’s kind of bland but I still like it.
It sure does have bugs… like the images breaking when you edit a post but that’s probably not even vBulletin’s fault.

Got a new car!
(I know, I suck at shitposting)

Did you actually get a new car though?

I didn’t know cats could drive…

Cats drive through telepathy…

and yep! I actually got a new car :smiley:
Well, it’s old and was given to me. So it’s more like I actually was given an old car!

Toyota Matrix 2005
205 000 km
A little rusty, a big bump on the hood. Starter needs to be changed. But it’s mine!

Makes sense. Sounds more like a curse than a gift, but let us know how it treats you. This could be entertaining.

Nah… Toyota is a very reliable brand. I strongly believe you won’t be entertained.

they made bayonets in ww2, I trust 'em

A bayonet is a bayonet… even better if it’s rusty: give tetanus to your enemies. Old bayonets rule.

Anyway, I can’t afford a newer car and the equivalent averaged minimum 1250$ back when I was looking for a car two years ago.
I paid 270$ in reparation so far on it and my father bought it for 300$ + 100$ for the tires. Less than 700$ for a car that’s worth more than 1000$. Good enough.

pretty good. I’m gonna drop 15k on a car pretty soon unless I think of a cooler car, but I really want an audi a4

Dude! yes! I like your style

too bad my gf doesn’t, she wants a 100k bmw lol

ok how long have we had this new forum software because i JUST realized the names under everyone’s avatars are off center from the rest of the column and now i’m even more triggered

edit: not mine though??? wtf

yours is off center… mine isn’t?

I think yall just need to go back to internet school. I never have any issuea.

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