what happened to getting that thing back? That was pretty fun when it was up (except when people were stealing coughKondie…coughcough)

Yeah I’d love to see a shop again. Maybe we could buy certain name colors too (not donor or admin colors tho)

Forum extensions keep things going. Shops are fun. So is RPG stats and leveling up. And extremely customize-able post layouts.

nope it sucked

^he mad…

spoon, y u mad

Because I lost all of my points. Faggots shouldn’t touch my shit.


just go into database and add points

I handed you like 10 levels bro. :’(

tric you stole too, lol y u talkin bro?

i didnt steal but yet someone gave me a thieving asshole title

it was me i was stoned and confused at the time

Yep I started stealing pretty much first, apart from beholder I think stealing a few points from joey. I also taught kondie how to steal from people from which I came to regret as he went crazy and spent a good 2 hours just going through the members list stealing from people. Gunna hate on me? Go for it :o

I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate you!

The forums feel right.

i think i like everyone here

I only spent about 15 minutes. :smiley: I got about 120,000 points then it reset me. XD


p.s I used to be like lv70 or something before I left
what happened?

i.e. I had over 10,000 points (hence the achievement)

There was some bug where you got a shit ton of points for something so they fixed it and it subtracted the difference.

Or something like that