Should Graalreborn facebook be put back up?

I can establish a NEW graalreborn facebook since our account is currently disabled because it violates some rules mainly the rule about the facebook page must be of a individual not about a group or product.

So my question is should we even try to start a new facebook and i’ll just have it under my name and follow the NEW facebook rules to a “T” or should we just migrate over to the facebook group business page of graalreborn? Or does it even matter O_o

O_o had no clue it was even down. Lol

yeah i had said soemthing to a group of people that wasn’t that offensive and the next thing I know the account is disabled and more than likely they will find an excuse and say it was disabled because of the account being a promotion for graalreborn the thing is their was no such user agreement when i signed up to facebook back in err 2007 so I had no clue they added new things. Reminds me of Unixmad and the whole your playerworlds are owned by cyberjeuor because any content uploaded to our servers i now owned by us and not you >_>

Well anyways just looking for more input from you guys it take just a few minutes to get it back up adding all the people with my bot and all that jazz but is it even worth it >_>

so if you uploaded child porn to cyberjeuor, it would belong to them then? O.o

And apparently already copywrited material~

But then those things get them scared :[

just a fyi I accidentally reformatted my backup drive and shtite so yesh I’m having a wonderful day doing a system recovery :smiley:

how do you accidentally reformat a drive?

tho not meant for reformating linux had this nice “recursive force remove” command that allowed you to throw your whole operating system out while it was running (like when it pissed you off too many times) . ah the good old days :animesmiley:.

There is an [edit] option to that button you know.

Put it in a freezer :3

Actually that would help if your hard drive is failing o_o Just keep it in a bag.

This thread went soo offtopic. ONtopic: Idc about facebook :confused:

No clue I didn’t do anything just said some people were wrong didn’t cuss or anything at anybody but below is the reason direct from facebook.


Facebook aspires to be an environment where people can interact safely with their friends and people they know. Accordingly, we expect accounts to reflect mainly your “real-world contacts.” We do not endorse contacting strangers through unsolicited friend requests as they may be considered annoying or abusive.

To prevent this type of behavior, Facebook has limits in place that restrict the rate at which you can use certain features on the site. Your account was disabled because Facebook determined that you were going too fast when sending friend requests, despite being warned to slow down, or because your friend requests were being rejected at a high rate.

After further review of your account, we have determined that you violated our Statement of Rights and Responsibilities by misusing our site features to harass other users. We will not be able to reactivate your account for any reason. This decision is final.

Thanks for your understanding,

User Operations

To harass others, hahaha.

It’s true! They tried friend requesting my little cousin!

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He got a glimps of Graal and vomitted violently!

I dont use facebook anymore

People wondered how we were able to find them on facebook… All of them have registered here once.

Q: Should Graalreborn facebook be put back up?

A: No.

As I just posted, Graal Reborn facebook exists still:

If Pickle has a new Facebook account friend me and i’ll give you admin to the page