Should I make a new server?

Should I make a new server?


Just kidding. Go for it :stuck_out_tongue:


… I believe the term is

Do it, Faggot.

lol well id want to put a team together maybe

Didn’t even know that was a term.

Good luck with that.

thats y i said maybe

Same opinion, I can’t help. Sorry Saputo.

Depends. Do you actually have an idea for a server?

not my options r bring back kandora V4 only and keep on that or take my time againa nd plan out a whole never server really right now i am just looking for yes’s or no’s ii would of done a poll put could not find the option to do it lol lame i know

It’s somewhere at the bottom of the page.

Oh, right. Didn’t realize who you were XD. Lol, go for it!

i guess thats a good thing lol

Create a new server or sit your anus upon a pike for all of eternity and wait for the maggots, vultures and other various creatures to chew on your flesh 'till you’re nothing but a anorexic looking figure perched up on a rusted pike.

You’re pretty good at your server making, but yeh just make a smaller overworld jam packed with jazz to do.

ok, Chicken wins lol, ill start on my day off

Why don’t you just add more content to Kandora so that it’s even funner? That makes sense to me instead of wasting time on something else. (no offense intended)

Would you put puke in puke? Or would you decide to grab a bucket to puke in?
He wants a fresh start.

O_o, only makes sense if the original was “puke”…

Maybe start with a nice little 4x4 island and expand only as more room is needed. Keep a few of the old quests, and update a few of the islands. Don’t worry about nice system NPCs, while they make a server look nice and pretty it also hinders the speed which playable content can be created at…

Drop Kandora and start fresh–keep everything compact this time.

Simple storyline–like your just some random adventurer on a small island with five hidden dungeons that you learn about in the central town. Each dungeon would be it’s own mini story with a series of quests where several different NPC’s have you help them with random stuff and you ultimately learn the location of a dungeon and earn the tool needed to reach it. Just focus on a single dungeon series until you finish it.