Should we add achievements?

I have been thinking about it and I thought of a way that we can implement an achievement system on the site using the playerworlds control panel system.

(The servercp connection to the gserver and using triggeraction hacks. Yeah I know it’s hacky and I am the one who would have to be bothered to actually implement it)

Just wondering if anyone would like an achievement system added to Reborn? I think it would be a good way to get people to play some of the worlds since we are all such achievement whores :stuck_out_tongue:

The way I see it working is that the server owner can submit achievements to us and if we approve them they are added to their server cp, then everyone on the site can see if a certain user has that achievement or not. Each achievement is given a Unique ID, like an achievement on bomber arena to win 5 rounds without dying might be called bomb_surv. bomb_ standing for Bomber Arena server and surv for “Survivor” (title of achievement).

When a player achieves the goal on your server you use a triggeraction gr.unlockachievement,bomb_surv; and the server receives that, then uses the servercp connection to tell the servercp you unlocked it and that updates it on the site.

I look forward to Spoooons inevitable flaming of this idea :slight_smile: