Signature type thing

Made this for CyanideSuicide on real Graal with “xNanerz” instead of “Switch” but she didn’t want it, so I decided to make it say Switch.
Done in Photoshop Elements 2.0 (ew) with Philly Sans text and some default brushes.

Posted this on OGCC first because the forums here wouldn’t let me on… dumb hoes.

What is this shite? Beholder, outshine him!

Looks pretty simple to make…

I do pixel art, not “adobe filter” art o_o

Reminds me of the Bleach logo.

Hell, I’ll use it…



Not bad, a bit cartoony with those bubble letters … so not quite my thing, but not bad.

It’s sexy all of you shut up qq.

Nalin, he meant that he’s too “pro” for Beholder (or Bee Keeper…stupid pun).

___Merged doublepost__________________

It’s probably an image pulled off the internet, mirrored, with text added, and a reflection. Or, NO REAL SKILL!

All of what you said was true except the “pulled off the internet”
it’s so pro ud die just thinkn of the process

just gonna point out he said “NO REAL SKILL!”…

wtf no he edited that in he didnt have that before
its 2 much skil 4 him 2 undrstand

gud son