Silver/Classic Tab

Okay so there are some pretty good servers on the Silver Tab that are good but when there’s a staff only server on the Silver Tab, that to me is just stupid, I mean I’ve seen servers on the Silver Tab that have one or two levels, so my suggestion is this:

Approval to be on the silver tab. Simple but yet effective, I mean if you work hard and spend alot of time on your server you’ll probably agree with me, we need something to work for. So what’re your ideas on this one?

I was also annoyed at Lateralus being locked, however the counter argument is that the system lets anybody register but most people have the sense to not register their Dev servers. High quality servers could have a spot on the Gold tab, however there aren’t any servers of such caliber.

If we did quality control the Classic tab I’d say the only server that should be on it right now would be Lumina and GTA. Dreamscape would be good enough if Orphen ever takes it seriously. (It was up a few minutes a week or so ago, apparently needs some work to be stable again. May have been corrupted back in the Z crisis.)

Maybe I’ll PM Orphen and see if he’ll let Cadavre host it in place of Vinland for awhile…

So your saying Enigma’s not good enough? I say you have problems. lmfao

I was thinking of having non-registered servers as permanently hidden and registered automatically got Bronze, and approved got Silver and the really good ones could get Gold.

But everyone disagrees with me.

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Btw, approval for silver wouldn’t take much, just requires that it actually has content and active devs on it. And of course, open. We should atleast add that if you set your server to staff only that it automatically ends up as hosted.

Have to do a far more with an old server than a fresh one to convince any of us that it’s going to stick around. I only count Kandora on the basis that it’s more active dev than anything else. I could still outdo most of what is up in a weekend, and the other regulars are far more talented than I am.

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All of that sounds fine to me.

I would be up for something like that. Currently, however, there is no easy way to force staffonly servers to be hidden. I’ll have to modify the gserver to tell the listserver when it is staffonly, so it will only work with newer gserver releases.

Maybe we should set this up as a poll somewhere?

Possibly in the news-section. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I would of course make a staff-util so that all supermods and admins could change a server from bronze to silver

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older versions of the gserver could automatically end up as hidden, forcing people to upgrade.

yea BUT, if ud have to go that far ppl who use joey to host are screwed, so to speak beening that joey does not update his g servers. so ud might want ot think of a way around it if u can.

Heh. Devious. I like it. And yeah, we will have to force Joey to upgrade his shit. :slight_smile:

gl beholder and I tryed

i agree with this , could make the gserver’s default to hidden but that wouldn’t help if they knew how to change it .

Yeah, Sorry about that. I will keep it off the server list when in development!
I feel guilty after reading that, at least, ONE person was disappointed.

When it’s good again I will put it back up. :frowning:

This is exactly how it should be. I AGREE WITH YOU! haha

I agree with cadavre to. Especially since my server was on the silver list and was incomplete :confused: although it was by accident coz I just registered

Time for our own form of PWA. GraalOnline here we come.

Bah, it’s for our own good. This community won’t survive with anarchy.

Didn’t I tell you and Beholder one time nonstop that Graal Reborn should have it’s own PWA? I know Beholder would know. Lmfao.

Having PWA to move from Bronze (Hosted) to Silver (Classic) is not really that bad, your server is still in the list and people can join it on Hosted and there is no limitations at all applied to them.

Nothing like official Graal where ‘hosted’ servers are not displayed on the list at all and trial accounts can’t even play them.

Perhaps to avoid the issue of appointing PWAs and them judging a server we can implement some sort of user voting system like Digg to bump the server from Bronze to Silver and if your server is flagged as terrible/staff only/early development then it goes back to Bronze

Sound like a great idea agret, coz then they players still have control.

I want to correct you on this.

Hosted shows on the list, UC* does not. Trials can play on all servers, but with observermode. Classic players can play all classic servers for free, but has observermode on Gold, Hosted and UC*.

*UC = Under Construction for those who doesn’t know.

And that system would be great. How would it be calculated though? Some sort of Upvote vs Downvote ratio-system (sort of how the ratio works on torrent sites)? Where if the ratio is below 1 e.g. 0.346 it’s on bronze, while over 1 is silver. Maybe I should even code that the playerworld list (on the website) can sort the servers by popularity?