Single Player Online Question

Saw something on the Twitter about adding .singleplayer to level names to make them single player. Would that be like ‘levelname.singleplayer’ or ‘levelname.singleplayer.nw’?

Make an NPC and put “singleplayer” in it.

I don’t understand that entirely

is it before //#CLIENTSIDE?

is it singleplayer; (like a function)?

Does it matter at all where you put it in the script?

I’m just asking these questions because it isn’t very clear on how to do it.

use it just like sparingzone


in an npc by itself.
that’s it no ; or anything else

well, I think it should be considered a serverside function that you type above //#CLIENTSIDE and it should end with a ; just to make it more understandable.

Same with sparringzone and other functions like that.

I guess it’ll be moved to the NPC-server when that’s done though. :stuck_out_tongue:


It is a serverside function since the GServer controls it entirely.

So, is this like instancing? Like, will each player that connects be by themselves, or what, exactly, does this accomplish?

Nobody can see each other and everything is totally independent in that leve.

So it is instancing. That is so freaking wicked. I’m going to be taking advantage of that. Like, build a party system. Good for dungeons and stuff. I’m excited.

No “party mode” for it quite yet, everyone is off in their own lil world for now.

I don’t see how that helps with anything related to a party system, quite frankly.

Localizing all members of a group within a dungeon.

Like doing a quest together, without further interference.

lol I complete forgot the command for this xD

Now I can finish some of my quests.

thats a useful command!

This should be put in the new commands.rtf

this would be useful for to put in the Saber of Power and Final Fantasy Gold Legend levels. since those are built to be played alone.

are we talking about npc’s in a level or the tiles ? cause the npc’s you just gota add “//#CLIENTSIDE” and only that person will see the changes . the tiles however are another story , how ever you d make a simple script like

if (playerenters && playerscount > 1) {setlevel2 waitingroom.nw,30,30;}

and make a link back to the level if no one is in it .

I use this command for nation select on marlboro. :slight_smile: