size chnager?

did anyone have a script for change size of the player?

iirc there is a way, but I think it involves new ganis/files (heads, etc)[COLOR=“Silver”]

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you’ll need to create your own ganis. we do not have that ganis. i think in GraalOnline it is possible thanks to the client and gs2. but we can’t by default.

I’m pretty sure there’s some sort of image scaler or some shit on GO. I’ve never had the chance to work with it, so my opinion on this is pointless

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Wtf you talking about

Only way to do it on the GR client is to make a gani that either repeats several pixels of a head/body/whatever by way of image parts to scale it up, or omits certain pixels of a head/body/whatever to scale it down. That’s the method Beholder used for Gravity Bomb. It’s the only method that preserves body colors, because otherwise if you were to just showimg everything, you’d lose the player’s body colors.

Increase screen resolution for smaller players