Skittlez Playground

Server is always under construction but we hope people can enjoy it still, and of noticed people stealing weapons and stuff from us of course… owell.

people stealing from you?

what was stolen?

I will devour their souls, if they have one.

u_witdaface stole our staff npcs for her server :bang:

dat horrible human…the Neko are going to eat well tonight…

lol. StaffNPC’s.

In 99% of cases theyr only used to play around and abuse them.
Im unsure anybody even needs them…
If you want a better tool then you have, just open google or use the forum search.

If you wanna be a true wapanese, try Ningen instead of Human :open_mouth:

if someone searched good on the forums, they would find the staff tool I use on my server.

lots of it is to test things (changing rupeecount to test shops, unlimited mana to use the item rain to have enough bombs/arrows to test ammo consumption scripts)

I still havent figured out why my ring of gold cost dis more than what I put…

if (playerenters){ if(isweapon) this.angle=360; this.firing=1; } } if (playerenters) {toweapons Special/Ring of Gold; hidelocal; } if (weaponfired&&playerrupees>=2200){ this.dist = 5; playerdir=2; playersprite=28; for(this.i2=0;this.i2<44;this.i2+=2){ this.x=playerx+1; this.y=playery+1; this.x=playerx+1+cos(this.angle-(this.i1*this.angle)+this.i2)*(this.dist); this.y=playery+1+sin(this.angle-(this.i1*this.angle)+this.i2)*(this.dist); lay2 goldrupee,this.x,this.y; playerrupees-=2200; } this.angle+=3140; this.firing=0; }I set my rupees to 65535, one use takes all but 3935, then it takes only 2200…if I use when rupees are maxed, it takes 48400 per use…

How can someone steal weapons from you, when they are most likely the ones on the Graal DVD? If any one of you tried telling me that you made the weapons I’d laugh in your face. And stupid scripts that just place explosions everywhere don’t fucking count. Anyone with half a brain can make them.

for once I agree with spooon

For once I agree with both Spooon and Dontar at the same time.

Cor blimey!

Hey it’s not like you MADE them, jeez get a freaking life.
Bitch when someone steals from your server and you haven’t posted/found it on the forums.

Thanks, Einstein. Next time I need someone to tell me what a script is I’ll ask you.

I know they’re all junk threads, but could you three keep this shit to just one of them?

Did I hurt your feelings?

thats exactly what she stole them for and also if i see any of my staff abusing again you guys will get demoted>_<

I think you did. Apologize Spooon :smugbert:

actually tricxta,pieisownage,and kondie made the staff npcs so you get a life bitch and stop assuming things:marlon:

And, they are mostly on the forums.

if witdaface needed to steal scripts to feel smart, so be it, it just proves how stupid (s)he really is, and how good your scripts are if anyone wanted to steal them.