Slow server ....

I all, i have a probleme with the speed of server, all the server are slow for me … What is the prob ??

Your English is broken and incomprehensible. Please speak in your native language and we will translate it.

i think it was quite clear that the server’s are running slow on his computer . it’s not incomprehensible .

get a faster computer. of maybe you need to turn off direct3d in the graal options.


whats ur cpu usage normaly at?

if it’s really high, open up task manager and see whats using the most. its probably something useless. like some update service for some random/usless utility

like me, for instance. i have a headless debian virtual server running in the background that i never use :slight_smile:

I have a feeling that’s not the only thing of yours that’s headless.

you talking about my head or my penis?


that is something you would think of.

My prob is resolve now but thx for explanation lol