…nobody played with me all day :cry:

I updated EL 2k10… It’s still short on content, but it has more than Kandora. I’ll put it on the Classic tab once I’ve got some more games/quests ready.

I prefer Graal v1.28 for the old feel and look. Tyvm.

elven lands was a sick server (old level pack). i remember it was one of the first servers we had running when we were testing the very first gserver remake

Meh. I prefer 1.41, which is why I got it supported by our gserver. :smugbert:

1.41 is the last version with fully functional default movement right? Stefan simply stopped caring about default movement as soon as the offline mode was crippled.

Fully functional default movement? ???

okay, most functional it has ever been then.

Fully abusable too :smiley:
Though the newer clients fucked up the clipping from what I recall.
Go Stefan!

Anyways, yeah. 1.41 still had the old movement shit. You know, where you could clip through tiles if moving through at the correct angle. And where letting go of A causes you to stop grabbing shit. And letting go of a directional key stops the pull animation. And where the spin attack actually worked. :sigh:

All clients pre-gani didn’t have the problems with riding a horse and slashing the sword. :stuck_out_tongue:

Because it was literally the sword sprites ontop of a horse, same with the spin.
But now it’s registered to respond to ganis. Reminds me of when you paused during the sword swing ;D