So antago was partly right

i dont think anyone here disagreed with antago about what he said of unixmad.

At some point he said every businessmen where crazy psychos or something along these lines. Unixmad is certainly that 1 in 5. But unixmad isn’t every CEO.

I agree with a good amount of what Antago says, just not with how he presents it and definitely not his religious rhetoric. Nonetheless, his insanity is very enjoyable to read.

To be really successful in business at least in the terms of making money and not ending up in jail, homeless or otherwise fucked over you have to be a real big asshole with no soul that’s okay with fucking over other people. That’s right kids, you are more likely to end up in jail or dead by being a nice guy and not committing crimes while in business. Look at what happened to Mt. Gox and Mark Karpeles spending 2 years in a japanese dungeon without actually being charged for anything.

Did Gay Bouchery spend any time in jail over that? Did anyone else? Was anyone else so much as questioned? Was there ever any evidence Mark had the “missing” bitcoins? No, he was a nice guy and scapegoat who in my opinion got screwed over by thinking you could run a $1 billion dollar + bitcoin exchange while being a nice guy.

Mark should have been an asshole and really stole from people big league and leave japan to mauritiuis while throwing a few thousand dollar bribes to corrupt politicians, judges and police.

Basically every millionaire and billionaire the mainstream tells us to like and look up to is a giant peice of shit that never worked an honest day in their life, had everything given to them and stole from other people and put the idea/thing as their own.

These people are people such as Bill Gates, Paul Allen, The Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Nark the Turd Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt, Elon “Bad Smell” Musk who is pissing and shitting all over Nikola Tesla’s name 117 years after Thomas Edison did the same thing "Call your stupid Chinese electric car and ripoff chode solar panels and batteries for faggot rich people “The Musk” you faggot piece of trash you have no right to use Tesla’s name! Alas they are all insulated and never see real people, but if I was to ever meet any of those like people in person i’d piss in their fucking ugly fag face before smashing it in with a baseball bat, they deserve not our business, but to be chased down and beaten and killed away. fuck them.

You want to be successful and not shit on all your life then you have to be an asshole and a piece of shit. People are scum and do unto others as they would do to you “they would fuck you in the ass and give you aids if they could” so smash a beer bottle and fuck them in the ass with a broken beer bottle first!

You want examples of being fucked over because they were a nice guy? ok. Nikola Tesla was fucked over, lived in a hotel room and died broke and forgotten despite essentially inventing electricity, radio, microwave stuff and all electronics stuff today is based on.

Michael Strickland was attacked by fuckhead terrorists including Ben “The Fat Faggot” Kerensa and arrested and lost all his rights for essentially filming and defending himself.

Mark Karpeles had his company robbed by french scums and thousands of people lost around $1 billion dollars in bitcoins, then was blamed and vilified by it by morons.

Antago made lots of nice things for GraalOnline and was told to fuck off.

I myself have been beaten, tortured, indefinitely detained without charge, violated of due process, had my rights violated and eliminated on multiple occasions and have been fucked over by incompetent and corrupt people, been blamed for email bomb threats fat faggot piece of shit Ben Kerensa did. I never had a real trial about any of that. You think there is due process, rule of law and a fair system that actually blames the guilty people? HAHAHAHAHA you naive little fool if you do. No you have a corrupt system that functions on bribes and the most convenient person to blame that is least able to defend themselves at the time. When you see a criminal on the news blamed for something, just consider for a moment they just picked some innocent guy at random so they can close cases and meet the quota. After all you gotta keep your fat faggot anarchists and french faggots free and on the nark payroll.


Yeah, well, I banned him.

unban him now, terry from templeos says so