So I found out about Solarus...


I don’t know if anyone else here knew about Solarus, but they should have mentioned it earlier.

I’ve only just clicked the link and saw what you’re looking at right now.

They even have a thread about Graal somewhere on their forum:

I’m kind of excited.

If you wonder how I found that (cuz it was kind of hidden in the reef barriers while I was surfing (note the cool analogy))


it looks cool, but is it multiplayer?


Naaah, no it’s not.
And their editor is far from being easy to use. It was a great disappointment but I’m still surprised of all the years that went by without me noticing it.


You were right to tell us of this failure

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Can tell you now, lua isn’t friendly. Run.


Wait what do they expect you to make your “world” in lua? I’ve seen that around in places where customization isn’t too heavy, so I assumed lua isn’t very great at massive projects like that.


wow so we could port singleplayer graal to it, how exciting
well it was somewhat interesting at least


Well at least now we know how to fail… make a super convoluted editor that tries to take everything in charge that could otherwise just have been put in the same folder and called within the editor.

Make the weirdest tile editor that seems to arbitrarily put parts in lumps that will move together like objects.

Their community is also about as active as ours; it’s like Graal Reborn but in a parallel universe.


maybe we can kidnap some of them and bring them over here


Thinking the same thing.


no joke lets mass join and start a thread on there to get em in here


Soooo, what do we say?


Just mention free game development of an online Zelda game, and they’ll come running.


I’ll man my post and swear at them a bunch when they ask for help.


Dylan or anyone,

Start a thread there, link to it and I’ll sign up too.


no fuck them