so like...

yesterday i had a blast…

started off at a casino, lost like 200-300$ but was worth it because i played blackjack for like 12 hours straight eek. (and their was a point in which i was winning too… and then i lost it all in 5minutes… talk about a bad effing shoe)

we should all go to a casino one day and waste our moneys

lol, whenever I’m in the NY area, I’ll join you.

Joey isn’t 21…He isn’t old enough to gamble.

EDIT: I think it’s 18 at those casinos that don’t serve alcohol.

Bah, hurry up and get old already!

we can all go to a bingo hall :slight_smile:

NO gllt!

My company had a retreat type deal to a casino/conference center. I ended up $80 under but one guy from the company went in with $100 and left with $1500. He made it all at the blackjack table in a total of about 8 hours. Lucky bastard


haha, not with the security that I was seeing. It was crazy. You look up and see a camera every 4 or 5 feet on the ceiling.

Lol, what he do? Count cards?

more like see the future!


(Graal Reborn is now banned in China)

Haha, I heard about that. For a second I thought “wait… what? 04/01 was weeks ago… oh wait, they’re serious?!”


uhhhh what? haha, no, this:

Indian Casino -

They serve alcohol just ask for id, but i’d rather not drink while having my money in question anyway.

Oh…an Indian casino. Meh.

i had fun