So uhh...

What’d I miss?

You’re still alive?

crazy huh. Yeah had a bit of an unexpected event occur over my summer break. Getting a girlfriend, surprisingly, will take up a lot of time in your day. Glad to see you’re still here spooon :smiley:

I could fill you in with some screen shots…

Shot 1: Urza Fucks the World
Shot 2: Random noobs start new server, Spooon and I log on for about 15 seconds
Shot 3: EL2K10 born and died within a month
Shot 4: Spooon sucks
Shot 5: Graal Gaia, top secret Beholder/Beholder/Spooon project: Dead about 30 seconds after Beholder edited some generated mountains…

Oh right :open_mouth: AHahahaha

Oh yeah. Graal Gaia, lol.

Spooon has 7 girlfriends and 3 wives and he still has Graal time.

I know, right?