So, what are you all up to?

Me and my bro are attempting some Internet marketing. To sell stuff over the Internet. Will post links to stuff we sell soon enough.

Apart from that, trying to stay healthy as if I don’t eat well enough I feel like a slouch when I try to get up in the morning.
One of my roommates is leaving soon so someone new will move in. It could be another roommate’s lover, an effin’ bad idea if you ask me.

What else… my project I had a journal for is on hold until I learn to master Wordpress and combine both together. That is coming up slowly, I lack some motivation lately.

I also kind of broke my middle finger of my left hand (I’m left-handed). I have to see a physician and it’s very hard in Qu?bec to see a physician if you don’t already have one assigned. I’ll need to get up at like 7 am and walk or take the bus all the way south of my town and wait in line for like an hour before getting in and get to see a physician sometime during the day. But hey, at least it’s free. So my job as a (warehouseman?) lifting bags full of clothes might end for a while until my finger heals, it sucks. I’ve also found a gold coin on the floor worth 130$ USD last Friday, still hyped.

This place looks dead. I want to know what’s up with you guys too.

If you want to get into marketing try “Cool” and “radical” stuff such as “Gaymer Gear” Some green or red LEDs can turn a $20 chinese item into a $100 “KEWL RADICAL LEET SKILLZ GAME WINNAR” product. The only problem is that these days you often have to compete with the chinese, spam bots and people who will rip off your product especially if you sell on amazon or ebay. I once bought, sold, traded and resold some desktop computers like 7 years ago. I never got rich off it but I made a few extra bucks here and there, living near rich trendy college kids helped. These days it’s not really doable due to all the bitcoin mining a-holes driving up the prices of video cards and ram.

One idea is market libtard gear such as things with Che Guevara, ANTIFA logos and OMG TRUMP SI HITLER tshirts. I would think they would not have any money to buy such things but reality seems to show otherwise.

Another idea is to put crap on iphone and android “app stores” they don’t have to be good, they don’t even have to be real programs, just get creative and put like an animated gif of “dat boi” frog into an app or something.

That sucks about your middle finger. I myself have never broken anything but I have in the past slashed and gashed my flesh on things for example hitting my thumbnail with a machete. Having a bicycle pedal break off and the metal gouge my ankle and leg while trying to do some wheeley jump thing off a ramp and various other things I forgot about probably because they involved me hitting my head.

Lucky find with the gold coin, what kind is it? I imagine for the price it’s probably around a 1/10th ounce coin. I’ve had various ones ranging from 1/4th ounce to 1 ounce. The Krugerrand is probably my favorite as they come in almost all sizes and usually have a minimum premium.

I am probably going to end up suing someone; it’s nothing to do with graal or internet things, just stupid stuff and stupid people.

Long story short I was paying rent for the last year and a half to someone that didn’t even legally own the property up until july of this year.

That and people in my family have become very stupid and insane with drugs, alcohol, degeneracy and mental illness problems “moreso than they already were” and I’m gonna have to show some tough love in dealing with them.

I’m probably the only person on either side of my family still alive that does not literally suck cocks and do heroin 24/7. I may be a bit crazy with internet memes but compared to them I’m like mother Teresa.

I’m still around. I’m still doing things and paying attention, its just that like you said this place is dead. which is why I sometimes make random posts about random things.

On another random side note I suspect that Antago got himself arrested or otherwise incapacitated.

thats about it for now.

Also I used to live with roommates about a decade ago. The best ones were the Koreans and Japanese guys, the worst one was the French guy and the tweaker from Alaska. The tweaker from alaska could play the electric guitar like Dave Mustaine but also stole everything. The French guy was just a dick that didn’t pay his share of the bills, clean up after himself or have any basic civility or respect. The Japanese and Korean people were pretty cool except that time they played soccer indoors and broke the lamps. I miss those days sometimes. Ever see a guy shave his pubes and glue them to someone elses doorknob? I have. “it wasn’t me”

Well… crikey! I wish I had something to contribute to this thread for the sake of entertainment as I feel boring in comparison. I have a job still, I do that job.

I’m a NEET and I don’t go outside. So naturally I’m never really up to anything.

Im going yams on all things python

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Studying and working. Working on my social skills and trying to sruvive.

What’s your job?

The gold coin is a 1856 France French 5 Francs gold coin it’s only the size of a dime but since it’s old it is worth more than its weight in gold. It’s worth like 75$ CAD in gold but I saw it go for 130$ USD on ebay.

Btw I taped it with brown tape, it won’t damage it, right?

Probably too much stuff for me to post about but long time no see. How is Joey these days?

There’s a name I haven’t seen in awhile. At this rate we will might even be seeing OtakuLink, Wrz aka CoolKid98, Matriark Tervel, JellyFish, gllt, SG111 and other miscellaneous peoples posting on here sometime.

afaik Joey is just busy with important things like everyone else these days but still checks in every now and then.

hope you’ve been doing well Dangerless.

Pretty well, real life keeping me busy. I picked up an interest in speedrunning some time ago and became part of its community, even did a speedrun at one of the major charity events at SGDQ last year (which was amazing fun but nerve wrecking), lately I’ve been helping out with some of the stuff with Super Mario 64 Online (Net64).

Someone posted in my chat a few days ago about if I was the same Dangerless from this community and it was a bit of a faith memory but told them I was so I had to take a look at how Graal Reborn has been and a lot has changed compared to way back in the day. I see a lot of familiar faces still around.

Wow cool !
Which game did you run?

I’m sorry for trolling so hard :’(
Yen btw

Oh cool you ran Wario Land, that game was my childhood. :wink: I’ll have to play through the other games so I can watch the runs without spoiling them.

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Wario World.

I had it accepted for it back in 2015 of SGDQ but couldn’t make it due to traveling issues but managed to get it in for 2016 instead. Met a lot of cool people there, I think the arcade room they had was my favorite thing there. If you youtube “Wario World SGDQ” you’ll find my run, it was pretty early in the morning so most people were a sleep and the first few minutes was a bit awkward (nerve wrecking, for my first time and couldn’t of held it together without the help of the people on the couch).

I got told there was around 100k viewers watching at the time. I plan to resubmit some other time when I can hardmod a virtual boy (they don’t allow any kind of emulated runs) which will output to the TV and allow some color options aside of red and black. I talked to Matty privately about this and he said there would be a fair chance that it would end up accepted for one of the two marathons.

That all aside though, it’s nice to look back at Graal Reborn.

I’ve been a wagecuck for a little bit now. I honestly really hate working in retail. My job is basically selling electronics to boomers and answering their questions, but sometimes I get tossed into another department which is just some different tasks with similar boomers. I want to quit after January so at least I can say I stuck with it for a while but I’ll probably have to stick around longer because I need the money. One good thing about working in retail is that it’s made me realize I need to get some sort of higher education or do something better with my life. I’m trying to figure out if I can afford to go to college and what I should get a degree in.

In a nutshell, software development using whatever language is suitable, be it c++, c#, java, whatever


Watching lots of tutorial videos, movies, anime and working out.

Any ideas so far at what to make your degree in?
Do you have a list?

By the way, you could work as a Japanese to English translator. There are websites out there that will hire you such as Unbabel or Tethras. Experience is an asset,