So, what are you all up to?

so in other words, training to beat goku right?

it doesn’t pay nearly enough for me. I’m gonna need to make at least 100k a year

Dream big, mate.

Or just get a bachelor’s in CS and an MBA, then work for a company for like 8 years.

I applied for a course on programming, but they turned me down because of my lack of schooling XD So I just took it into my own hands :slight_smile:

hola. pretty cool, I love games done quick. I try to watch as many runs as i can but obviously that’s impossible.

next time you get accepted definitely give us a heads up.

games done quick is cancer and PCF isn’t catching it early. The owner of SDA is on the payroll.

The speedruns are cool though.


Binge watching anime and random shit on Netflix and not being productive at all while working two part time jobs that pay shit :frowning:

well I survived retail in christmas

Yes, but what about boxing day? Muahaha

sitting around doing nothing on my birthday. good shit, me.

late reply but those assholes did schedule me for the 24th and then boxing day right after christmas. I survived that too, got pretty dead later on the day, probably because there’s only so many retards that will waste a holiday to go shopping