So whats this place like then??

Well as you guys bit guess im new to this forum and i would like to see if its anygood for graal info, or even active for that matter.
i have been involved with a number of Projects to do with graal but that was all ages ago before you had to pay 2 play (im sure we all find that a pain in the… ) and then after that i moved on to a Private Server ran by one of my mates on the net and helped out as Head LAT (i still all the playerworlds that we used to put up, some i still go on and try to update by remaking some levels).
but then that came to an end when the Graal staff got involved and Xel (my mate) had to shut it all down, was going well too was about to bring out a new playerworld that we been making, now i only got the empty shell to that world.
Well anyway it was all years ago now, so i have gone back over my Graal Files and have desided to make a new world from scratch and i would like to have a bit of help with how to do some server only stuff that i have never done before, so i would like to know if this is the place to do that or do you know where i can get this help??