So, Who uses this wikia ?

Well hello

Hi, what is this wikia you speak of?

I guess we’ve got to the point in the age of instant messaging and social media where the young’uns don’t know what a forum is!

To answer your question; it’s mostly us die-hard Graal Reborn fans that are left here. We don’t really get any newblood that stay around.

This is a wikia.

What Pyrez said.

my favorite wikia is the one I hijacked that unixmad periodically tries to reverse over and over again, but in the process only gives me his IP address

Besides Enigma, my greatest claim to Graal fame is still that I managed to get Wikipedia to ban unixmad and his lackies + forbid them or anyone else from making a Graal wikipedia article after he threw a temper tantrum when I tried to add a ‘criticism’ section to the original article.

wow it’s been a long while, like 14 years?

That whole deal happened around 2006 I believe. I was also lurking and commenting in that whole wikipedia fiasco. 2006 was 11 years ago. Lots of other fun and hilarious things happened in 2006 like most of the playerworlds being defaced with butts, dicks and kim jong il gifs and the entire SQL database getting released (that happens when your PostGRES username is PostGRES with no password). The funny thing is that Unixmad could have easily kept the wikipedia page and in a manner that was neutral had he been sane and reasonable about it. Instead he chose to scream at people over the phone and threaten wikipedia and wikimedia over the ordeal in addition to making dozens of sockpuppet accounts, spam and deface the article to which they responded by pulling the whole page and saying FU you’re banned from Wikipedia. Throwing a tantrum and threatening adults doesn’t work favorably as much as it does with 13 year old children, I don’t know if Stephane ever grew up or learned that.…on/GraalOnline

Bwahahahaha, “the crazy frenchman”.

That’s notably funny.

damn that makes my wiki look like nothing. that’s fucking amazing

Why did I read that whole thing… Unixmad didn’t look too terrible on that article. Is there anything I can read where he looks really bad? I imagine he was using his businessman persona to look better than he actually is.

Unixmad’s ravings in the talk page were fucking loony. He got his Wikipedia account permanently banned for his harassing Wikipedia admins because they wouldn’t let him fill the page with unsourced POV, advertising nonsense.

the guy is fucking nuts and yet he’s rich as fuck. crazy stuff.