Some kind of memory leak in chat/font style

Hi guys,

I keep getting major slowdowns when there are texts over players or baddies… I don’t get why, but if I change the font in general options the slowdown goes away for a while, and comes back later on…

Any idea on the cause/solution to this?

does it happen on other computers, and how many npcs/players do you have showing text?

make sure you have ‘Don’t use Direct3D’ checked.

It doesn’t seem to happen on other computers, and i’ve got “don’t use direct3D” checked.

It happens after sometime, and then it slowly starts to lag if 1 msg is displayed, if there’s 2-3 people chatting then it becomes unplayable.

Then I switch the font style and the lag is completely gone.

I’ll make a fresh install and test again, but I suspect there is some memory leak somewhere, and that switching fonts resets that bug.

Well client v2 shows a lot of evidence towards memory leaks, but will a memory leak hinder performance like you described? I’m guessing it’s bad hardware on the graphics side.

Hmm… my comp is a 6 core X 3.6 Ghz with 8gb ram

If the problem is hardware then something is very wrong…

I’ll reinstall directx9 and update graphics driver, but so far reinstalling the client might have fixed it.

This happens because graal is poorly written. Some computers experience problems that others don’t.


Midi files are only a series of notes that the computer plays.

Each sound card plays midi files slightly differently, just like how the same song would sound on 2 different pianos.

I remember upgrading from my old soundblaster 16 card to something better so graal would sound so much better :slight_smile:

It’s unlikely until system resources are exhausted.