Some Levels (4)

The time has come again. Rone and I just finished another installment to our server. The theme of this town is a port town which was overrun by pirates who now run the place. Sounds a bit cliche, but whatever. There are two parts to this town the port, which is run down and poor, and the coast which is wealthy.
Here is a sneak preview:

1.) This is the entrance to the port. Barrels, planks, crates, holes. It’s supposed to look beat up and run down. (There is a bottle out of place, I’ll fix that.) Thanks to Kondie for one of his barrels.

2.) Same thing going on here as in the first one.

3.)Here is a glimpse at the nicer, coast part of town. Thanks to CDA for the palm trees.

4.) Here is an interior to one of the dock houses. It’s small, dark and rundown (probably stinks to high heavens as well)

5.) Then there is the opposite. The interior to a wealthy coast house. Pretty simple.

So, there is just a sneak preview. Thanks a ton for looking.
All criticisms welcome, we’d like to hear from you guys to help us make improvements.


Map! Map!

…and what it looks like on the map.

Looks nice, well done.

Don’t like those blue chairs.

aye, they look strange in that setting

srsly. lol.

They remind me of Jimbo’s chairs on DD. What do you think, Urza?

Deliciously old-school feeling, me thinks. I like it.

I really like the port, especially those banners and wooden planks. Ship and banners kinda look like Zodiac’s lol.

Nicely done bro. It’s all very lively and active looking. Not many people pull that off now days.

Neither of us ever played Zodiac, so I have no idea where the banners came from. The ship, however, is sorta modeled after one on 2k1.

Yea, they kinda do.

The chairs were done by Konidias.

I get the feeling of Zodiac, no offense. I don’t mean the systems, I mean how they did insides and outside. Anyway, this is far better than them and I love it guys. :stuck_out_tongue: The port just makes me happy for some reason. I like the way it looks.

Don’t listen to any of the faggot asses here, you got a good thing going and keep it up.

Those banner type things / flags have been used a bit. On Exodus I use to use a vine version of them pretty much. They look good in the levels.

The insides somewhat remind me of Providence. Which is a good thing.

Well the banner things were probably just stolen and renamed then circulated and had the process continued. :stuck_out_tongue: lol…

banners are from elan (faded nation) sk stole em from another server and recolored em darker

I like these levels. Keep up the good work.