Some Levels

I’m working on a playerworld.
Here are some levels from the sparring arena. I’m good with constructive criticism.

There are limited NPCs and scripts as of right now.

1.) Outside of the arena
2.) Lobby
3.) Inn/Bar…thing
4.) Statue room - haven’t placed the statue yet /n00b
5.) Didn’t include the actual spar room just because. deal.

And if you didn’t see the catch:

looks good, keep it up


They’re charming.

Good job chief.

Doing well, very well. When the server goes up, I wouldn’t mind helping out with some levels, and possibly some scripting.

Thanks everyone for all the positive responses. It’s really appreciated.

We could use some help on this project.
Stowen, if you want to help - we can talk. I’ll contact you.

I wont mind lending a hand in the lat department.

I hate them.

The outside level needs more trees. Trees and cliffs are the best natural boundaries. I don’t like the chairs over the tables in the inside levels. Over-all they are better quality than most levels kids are making on here.

Yeah, the outside levels are like a perpetual work in progress. We aren’t using a level generator; we are building from the ground up and as we go we add on, so before we put any trees or cliffs up we are making sure we aren’t going to use that space for anything else. Also, I hate making cliffs.
:animesmiley: :bang:

I know how you feel about the tables. I figure though, I rather have the table and chairs symmetrical even though the top chair sits on top of the table rather than having the back chair stick out further. Perhaps that’s my OCD >_<.

Anywho, I really appreciate the feedback. Thanks for letting me know how you feel. I definitely would like to gain perspective for how this community feels about level design.

I totally agree that we need to throw some more trees up, and we plan to do so. This level sits on what is currently the top part of what we have done so far, which is why the detailing and what not just sort of ends.

The half of the town on the other side of the river is more complete and has most of the natural borders in place. (trees and such)

Thanks for the criticism, and we’ll continue to post updates as we get more done. We can only move so fast with 2 people who have full time jobs/class and stuff. That being said, we’re super motivated and are putting in all the hours we can afford.

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Damn you. This post appeared while I was typing mine. Anyway, what he said.

I don’t use level generators. I usually tell people not to use them. Working on level at a time is the best way to do it imo.

Only time I use a level generator is the generate a large grass lot, purely to save time.
Because I already have experience of doing it by hand, and without having the levels link up in the level editor. Old clients, good times.

Yeah, not using a level generator is pretty satisfying. It’s similar to painting or drawing a picture; composing a song. Every color, tile, tile function is relative to it’s surroundings. It’s definitely an art form.

//end of hippie bullshit.

level generator is just your canvas. Pure grass = the ticket and perhaps a decent cliff outline to modify later.

And water. I’d rather generate the water cliffs than regular cliffs, if I could do either. Damn .nw files…

What the hell are you talking about? Not my fault you don’t have talent.

At least I have persistence and a reachable goal.

I really like this; good job.