Sonic Classic Collection...(DS)

Probably some of you have noticed that this game has recently came out for DS in the last couple days, but I wanted to point something out to those who have bought or pirated this game.

This is a emulation, not a real port. This is done by Stephan Dittrich, which is Lordus the creator of JenesisDS (official JenesisDS web page confirms this).

So, do yourself a favor and don’t bother pirating or buying this crap. SEGA is becoming even more worthless than anything, didn’t they do this with the Smash Pack as well?

I saw it came out, but doesn’t everybody have at least a dozen Sonic collections by now anyway?

Wouldn’t doubt it. I still have the good old genesis versions of the games (too bad the system doesn’t work) and that one for gamecube. Thought it was interesting to post though.

oh and for good measure…


Wow, I forgot about that Evil Tails Doll story, pretty damn old if I say so myself.

Meh. Does it work? If it works, I probably wouldn’t care. Then again, I am the lazy programmer.

* Supercard 
* M3Real with latest firmware
* Acekard2/2i with AKAIO 1.5 (not AKAIO 1.5.1)
* Ez Flash Vi (newest kernel)

are the only current carts that work.

I think he meant, if you buy the game, does the game work? If it works, than what’s the problem? However, I can see the potential problem if they stole the source and are making lotsa profits off of it.

Yes, I meant buy it. If it has the blessings of SEGA, and it works, then I don’t really see the problem with it. If it is an emulated version of the game, then it is pretty much guaranteed to be exactly like the original. All too often ports end up changing something either accidentally, or on purpose (I still remember when Super Mario All-Stars made Mario and Luigi behave differently, even on games where they originally behaved the same! Grr.)

Oh no, I have AKAIO 1.5.1. :x I wonder why it wouldn’t work. Oh well, AKAIO is pretty much dead now. Not going to be any new releases.

Well I meant the problem arises that it’s a marketed game running off of an open-source emulator(jEnesisDS). I didn’t find anything on the coder’s site like it was claimed, so I’m not sure if he got some sort of royalties or deal out of it, or if they just downright stole it.

Also, it’s not exactly rare for new games to not be supported by flash carts lol. That’s what firmware updates are for.

Why people believe he got picked up by SEGA, he’s vanished and he’s been credited for it so it’s hard to say unless he finally posts about it. Also, it’s finally been updated that it is a standard DS game and it uses the TWL SDK. The game is not an official port from SEGA.

Also, there is no options menu for Sonic 2 or 3…which means those debug codes won’t work, Sonic 1 is so far the only one that gets away with it. What’s more is that it does have it’s rare slow-down moments but it’s above playable and not shitty like that GBA Sonic 1. Oh, and something about the graphics having strange effects in certain games in areas, not sure which though. As about the slowdowns, there like the ones if played on an emulator.

Above all, Sonic Classic Collection and the emulator all have it’s downs and ups I did hear it was worth a buy (probably not worth the full $30 though). Wait for it used and buy it then.

I remember a lot of slowdowns on the original Genesis in Sonic, lol. Though that was YEARS ago, I remember getting hit with a lot of coins and some circumstances would result in some noticeable slowdown similar to when emulating the roms.

What’s sad is that they’re so fucking lazy that they sacrifice possible quality over less than a months work done by a single person. After Sonic GBA port failed massively, someone took the Sonic dissembly and PORTED the game himself in less than a month. It was pretty much flawless, to my recollection. Why they opt this route, which possibly took longer than just porting it, is beyond me.

But, the game WAS from SEGA:

SEGA very well could have hired him to do the port. I’m confused as to the scandal here.

It is not a true port, the Sonic games run off a tweaked version of the jensisds from lordus. That is why the lead programmer is him, this game uses features from that emulator. One is the save anywhere feature. This game is released by SEGA, yes, and Lordus probably did get picked up by SEGA but it’s EMULATED which DOESN’T make it a port.

SEGA really is that lazy.

As far as I know, it doesn’t use a savestate feature. You can ‘save anywhere’ but it in fact loads up from the beginning of the act… so it’s more like a quick save feature you’d see in other games.

I didn’t say it used a savestate feature.

Than what the hell is a save anywhere feature? Emulator’s can’t really apply the same kind of saving it would have to be applied differently for each game…

You can save at any given time and start there. Could you save in Sonic 1 at any given time? No, that is the new feature for saving.

Which isn’t bad when you have to press the pause button on the touch screen rather than pressing start.

I have jEnesis, and the ability to save with the emulator is a save state feature. Which is quite different than the method of saving implemented on the DS release, which seems to use some sort of edited rom that has saving coded into it. Either way, an emulator could not have the ability to save and when you load up it starts you at the start of an act. That’s a game feature, not an emulator feature(unless they really edited the hell out of the emulator).