Sound on 64-bit

So when running Graal Reborn with my VGA monitor and AUX speakers with my soundcard the sound constantly kills itself. The only way I can fix it is deleting Graal Reborn and installing it again. It just randomly stops working. However when I get my sound (and picture) via HDMI there are no problems. Also using Graal Reborn with HDMI all the time isn’t the solution for me unless I buy a new monitor, sitting in front of a 42" TV isn’t really my favorite way to play Graal, and my computer is really having so moving it from my office and to the TV won’t work.

it’s probably a driver or hardware problem. probably the driver. update it.

Don’t turn down the volume for graal in any of the options, that breaks the sounds. Instead just mute it through your sound mixer…

Ok, thanks!

oh lol