Source Code

I know that the G-Server and the Rc sources are out there, but does anybody have the source of the current clients we have? And the other programs?(Editor, graal shop).

That would be great, thanks!

By current clients do you mean the one people actually use for playing graal reborn, or the attempts at clients people here have made? Like the html5 one started by Cadavre?
The actual ones used for reborn there is no open source for. Same goes for any level editor or gani editors.
Though in editor regards there definitely is clones floating around like a level editor called goemon or something. Believe downsider made a .net gani editor posted on the Graalians forum somewhere.
Anything made in .net you can run through a .net decompiler and it’ll give you the source code.

On the note of the “official client” with the exception of maybe some java stuff for zelda online and java graal Stefan Knorr never made any of the client source code available. I doubt that even Unixmad has all or any of the sources for the client stuff and Stefan himself probably just deleted his Graal stuff, which is why nothing new has been released since before Stefan left “before August of last year 2014” and likely never will be.

To my understanding the current Gserver stuff that is here was based on the 1.3.9/New World Gserver sources that got released about 15 years ago, but have since been heavily modified/improved to get 2.2.2, 2.3.1 and many newer versions to work with it. Even on the “official graalonline” side of things nothing new that is a significant improvement or change has happened since about 2004ish.

short story is unless someone makes something new from scratch themselves or uses the existing GR stuff as a base, nothing new will be available.

Didn’t they adopt/remake everything into Torque2d when they switched to gscript 2.0? Pretty certain if you go on torque forums you’d see plenty of open source examples on howto make a zelda 3 like game.

For the internet part just use lindgren and a mysql library.

That’s pretty depressing because usually anything that takes longer than a month on Reborn is forgotten eventually. So I guess we’re pretty much stuck with the 222 client unless codr finishes his.

Reply: No promises.

hey codr, can you create a client that connects only? no graphics and stuff. just need a client connected to run backend scripts. i suppose npc server does this tho.

What language are you programming in Codr??

Just for curiosity sake why would anyone even want another client? Can’t really picture any features to gain, and if a programmer was capable of making more advanced things like 3d. They’d have no use for making a graal clone.

Vintage Kat!

Seems like most open source game things are large and unruly. Annoying for anyone but the original makers to take up.
So unless someones willing to develop specific changes to your needs, even having the source seems mute.

A multiplayer secret of mana clone, open source in C++. Says it has 40ppl online right now so it must be working.
The only thing it probably doesn’t have is a similar scripting language for levels. Considering gscript1 doesn’t even trigger events, but just has things like “playertouchedme” act as global flags…
I’m sure there’s a youtube videos on how to add lua to your game.

edit: more screens

I could, but I wouldn’t spend the time on it.


The Graal client is lacking a lot of functionality that could be extremely beneficial to developers, especially in terms of graphics effects. There are non-graphical improvements to be made as well.

I’m capable of 3D graphics programming, however, it is SIGNIFICANTLY more complex to code and to create resources for. I’m simply not interested on top of that.

Did I really say that back in the Classic days? I don’t recall.


I’ve made my own engine stuff before. It seems the only differences/gains for the none programmers using it,
Would be adding a few libraries for fun affects (Like playing videos, 3d perspectives, interop with new file types) and getting to skin the startup program to seem less graal’ish. Aka new menus to cut out the listservers.

I haven’t been using it so i’m not really aware of the brick walls to be overcome, or hidden benefits. Any obvious additions you’d think would have been suggested and added by versions 2.2 of something.

there are plenty of neat things you could do with a new engine. Hitboxes could be customised, and taking that farther you could map collisions to tiles using a separate mapping layer. Multiple drawing layers (without the assist of NPC) and transparent tiles would be possible too. You could probably make a lot of really great mini games with those alone. Any improvement on the way the engine we have right now handles NPCs would be great too, since having too much going on at one time makes the client run super slow. That pretty much kills any sort of bullet hell ideas. On top of that, there’s the mysterious leaking of resources when handling DirectX Lights. Graal is a super old game, my HD 6600 series card should be able to run several Graals at once but it gets laggy when lights are enabled. Go figure. There are a lot more problems, but it simply comes down to one problem: creative ideas are being killed by this engine’s shortcomings. Taking the time to learn all the problems is not going to be profitable in the long run, since you can always just move on to something else if you wanna create a game.

The reason I constantly say Graal is dead is because Graal is just a messy game at its core. You take the engine for Zelda 3 and make it MMO. The result is pretty much a chatroom program with stuff to do while you talk. Because of a lack of standards or rules for really any kind of content, you could make whatever you want. So you see a lot of Web 1.0 style content on the main servers on Official Graal. (like seriously, I wouldn’t be surprised if I saw the old dancing baby gif somewhere on a server). With that in mind I’m not really sure making a new engine would be enough to revive Graal alone. The appeal is simply outdated. We would have to reinvent Graal if we wanted to make it thrive today, and that would be by at least catering to nostalgia a little bit. If being a small community doesn’t really matter and you just wanna make Graal work, then maybe the engine would be a good idea. But if there’s some sort of hidden agenda to get Graal to be a big game again, I don’t think that will happen.

We could probably get the same following the RPGMaker community gets if we make this a very flexible system for developers though.

ironically while typing this, the editor gave me a runtime error 216 loop and I had to force the process closed to get it to end

Custom hitboxes you could already do, like the bomy or completely rescripted player for the newworld project. You just make the player as an npc image controlled by the keyboard. Hiding the original player.
Changeimg has an index value so that has layers, it also does transparency through setting the colors alpha value.

Adding a custom hitbox layer could be done by replacing the tiles[,] array with your own read from a txt file. Checking your hitbox against the new array instead.

I get that creating lists or arrays to hold all the players, npcs, objects etc. in would be annoying. Targeting things based on their index and looping through stuff. But that’s exactly what a programmer would be doing in the background anyway.

Even popularity wise the graal site claims it has like 4k-5k people online most of the time. When it used to max out at 500-1000 at it’s peak time ever in it’s history.

The memory leaks and bugs are definitely a very valid issue though. Just wondering what’s the point of making a new engine if like you said RPGmaker does exist. Can’t a person just attach their server code to that game?
Think there is even a 39ster.dll for one of those rpgmaker programs to give it netplay. It might even be what provided the basis for this gserver.