spar tourny

can we please have one of these? GR is getting boring.

On Bomber Arena.

I, Spooon, will be victorious.

ok here is how you will do this. sign up in this thread. then once enough people sign up, ill make a bracket. this wont be a one day spar tourny since everyone isnt online at once. once the bracket it up, you got 2 days to spar your opponent and then report the winner and then the bracket will be updated. this will be a week long tourny or so.

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I sign up

I shall be victorious! I have a 24 streak, 120 wins, 23 losses or something around there. I may be like 4 off on wins and losses lol. But yeah, I’ll join.

This should be on Versus, 3 heart, lvl 1 shield/sword limit. Best 3 out of 5

Not only do we have downsiders spar script, but we have a vacant spar champion statue in the main spar lobby :o

im in

Do it.

Can’t get any status doing it on Bomber.
Beholder should add a spar statue.

I wanna see some nifty banner for this Spar tourny

Bomber needs to be fixed too.

we need a prize for winning (other than a statue)… i have a subjestion but a forum admin would have to agree… My subjestion is the winner of the spar event will get their rank changed to “Spar Champion 2011” (as a option) (Just a thought)

Here’s a spar banner a threw together. It’s not the best, but use it if you like.

Ill make a few spar shut sryff

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Yeah do it on VS :0

what server?

just tell me who is in. ill make the arrangements

im in

I shall win.

ok so far its just me and mirage. dunno how spoon will win if he wont enter.

im in