Spars, low ap, and hearts

Alright, what I’m basically requesting is a script for my spar lobby. I need it so that when someone with below healing AP (below 40) enters, then leaves, there hearts get set back to what they were before they entered…

like… say I go in to the spar with 20 AP and 4 hearts, i use the healers, spar blah blah, then I leave the spar, my health should go back to 4 as it was when I entered.

To prevent people with low ap going in there and getting free health, is what this is for. :slight_smile:

I’m guessing delete; is the new triggeraction.delweapon function you added?

Because it works other than the fact I don’t have a gserver with that new function implemented, I think you only added it to the SVN repository so far or something, so it resets the AP every time you cross a level since you keep the NPC…but yeah it works :slight_smile:

Nah, he just means destroy;
We can’t create new commands, only hack up some old ones that transfer data. o_o

oh, duh, ok.