Spooon's Exp/Leveling System

Any one know how to get grater than and less than to work with Strings?

if(strtofloat(#s(string.name)) >= variable) {



THANK YOU… I have been trying for the past week to get that working, just needed a timeout added to your code so i could see it work.

BEHOLDER you are the best :smiley: now i can re-do my EXP system and get it working better.

yea im still not the best coder, in fact i dont even call me self a coder im a LAT… that can do NPCs and Ganis a bit.


Damn you, Jonus Rockweller! Stop helping people!

MNSTRSPN, dont you see how awsome Beholder is?? its good to help others as then they will help you when you need them… :smiley:

create the nessecary gani files and code the baddies yourself to add exp when they die…

have each baddy have its own id and if it dies within so many seconds after attacking it will add exp… have the exp system check the var for the last baddy id attacked and set it back to 0 after a set delay :slight_smile:

umm, do you come with english subtitles?? lol.

for what you said i understand that your after me making my own baddies, with ganis and all.
soz but im realy a crap coder, i just take the codes form other NPCs that i have collected and put them together to make stuff work in a new way. i have little to no idea of how im going to make a baddie, AND my gfx work is SOO bad all i can do is small changes to current GFX like colour changes or movment of some pixels.

as for the coding you said setting the var id of the last baddy attacked to 0… o_0 yea what do i do with that and why?