Star Wars playerworld

Anyone wanna help me in the creation of a star wars playerworld?

I haven’t decided the time frame yet but it i’m imagining it in the same vein as zodiac, how they basically took WoW and graal-inized it. This would be the same star wars galaxy you know, but in graal.

There wont be custom gfx for armor, only lightsaber hilts/colors and blasters.

hoods (for jedi robes etc) and other helmets would be made into hats, everything else, bodies, heads, will be standard graal style/images.

What i’m really looking for now is a scripter, someone who can make simple gani’s (walking, swinging, idle uses of lightsabers, same thing for blasters, which shouldn’t be hard considering how much is already out there from other servers, like zodiac and era)

and a GFX artist to make some simple images for lightsaber hilts, colors, and blasters that work with the gani’s.

The biggest thing though is the combat system. I’m thinking of a point system so upon leveling up you can distribute certain points to skills, certain skills affect certain things.
You would be able to choose your class at the beginning, i like the SWTOR classes so i’ll probabaly be going with those.

I can do the levels for the various planets, that’s simple really. They will use graal styled tilesets with a few color changes and other misc things. Like i said though if i can get a scripter and gani/gfx artist to work on the framework for the combat system/images then we can see if this will work as good as i think it can.

Anyone interested?

Post script requests here and i’ll be happy to help.

Is it feasible to replicate this system?:

but make it a bit more simple so like…

There are 5 main stats you can directly affect with skill points, they are:

Max player level: 50?

Endurance (goes up 10 hp per 1 skill point)

The rest of the stats below grant this: (goes up by 1, per skill point + gives 1% crit for every 140(for now) points in that stat [most of this will be gained from gear])

Cunning <affects damage with devices, explosives etc>
Willpower <affects force damage/healing power>

Secondary stats that will be mostly gained from gear:

Defense: <increases your chance to parry or deflect an attack [deflect is a ranged parry])
Crit: <ups the critical strike chance of all attack types, and devices>

Thats the general idea for stats. As far as gear goes, it would be great to have a system were armor can easily be added without having to know how it was scripted… like

Chest pieces could be added to a DB, and have certain fields filled in, like how much endurance it gives, how much armor etc… then have that item added and thats it. Since armor will require no graphics it makes the production of items a lot faster.

Also, only certain classes will use shields, like jedi guardians (melee dps/tank) and commando’s (ranged dps/tank) would, but not a jedi sage (caster class).

Other random things i’d like to see: pressing X key will brandish your lightsaber,blaster pistol(s), cannon and replace your walk and idle gani’s with said item out, until you press X again to put it away. There will be no gani’s for having a sheathed weapon (like having a cannon on your back, pistols at your hip) this makes things easier, it’ll just be default graal idle/walk.

Effects like explosions from devices, skills and force powers will use default graal images, like the bomb explosions for a bounty hunter’s flamethrower, or the lightning bomb things, for a sith sorcerer’s lightning shock.

I find this project interesting…

But sadly star wars is not one of my favs series. I want to make a DBZ game like DBZ buu’s furys for GBA.

Well, I am a newbie here, but it does not seems possible to me.
You want to have new attributes, that the current game does not have.
Where would this attributes be stored? Player attributes are saved in accounts in the GServer, but I believe GServer itself would have to be modified to accept and save these new attributes.

I suppose also that to work, these new attributes would have to be run on scripts on the NPC server.
Which is still too unfinished to be really used.

Flags can store attributes of a player.

On Phoenix we store bank accounts, outfits, high-scores, etc using flags.

This is all very much do-able.

I thought of flags as boolean values. It seems I was wrong.

You can call the server Zone.