Steam Sale Buys?

Anyone purchased any good games recently on the steam sale? I got Hacknet, which is pretty decent, but I prefer the HTS website a lot more interesting. I did buy Black Ops III, but quickly requested a refund due to it having terrible mouse input issues (friend and I both had the same issues, regardless of what settings we were running)

I have been considering getting Shadow Tactics and XCOM2 also.

I checked out the day it supposedly started and nothing interesting came up.

Fair enough. Different things go on sale each day. you know?

Nope, gonna check it out now.

Man, Civ6 is on sale… it looks awesome but 50$ is still too much for me.

Total War: Warhammer looks pretty good. Total war itself is quite a good game. Probably better with orcs and such lol.

I have played a bit of Civ over the years, but it’s never been my thing. However, hearing Leonard Nimoys voice doing narration in 5? was pretty darn cool.

didn’t buy during the sale but got Rising Storm 2 'NAM on sale a month ago. fantastic game

I bought a few things though I probably should work on my backlog.
Also steam hasn’t had daily sales for a while now, instead opting to highlight particular deals on the frontpage.
btw I’m kind of bored and want to play some multiplayer stuff with you guys.
I’m pretty much up for anything except mobas.
Maybe a TowerDefence or a shooter or mmo or whathaveyou.
And if it needs to be bought i can probably buy it so long as the sale lasts.
also here’s a product key:

A TD might be nice. I have actually been looking one for a while now, something similar to Warcraft III TD. I was considering getting Startcraft II for this, but still am unsure if there’s any other alternatives out there. Let me know if you know of one, I’ll have a jam with yah.

Well i haven’t really found anything similar to Warcraft 3’s style of TD yet (I think).
There are some games I already got that might be interesting such as:
Sanctum2: Haven’t really tried it out yet but from what i’ve seen it’s a TD with some fps mixed in.
Dungeon Defenders: Though it’s technically not on sale i’ve got a copy of the game with dlc lying around, and another without dlc.
Dungeon Defenders2: it’s free to play with microtransaction stuff, servers are a bit unstable atm due to the recent release from early access.
Defense Grid2: haven’t tried it but it’s probably the one closest to a traditional tower defense.
Dungeon of the Endless: seems alright, probably more resource management-based though.

if anyone wants to play multiplayer games with me I have:
Red Orchestra 2
Rising Storm 2

I’d play terraria if it was modded or when the new update comes out.
Or any of the TDs up there. Or Warcraft 3.
Either way, my steam profile name’s Onijustin should you want to add me.

Downloading Dungeon Defenders 2. Thanks for the hint, didn’t know it was free. I enjoyed the first very much.

I bought SC2, but I will check out Dungeon Defenders 2 and I have Terraria also if we want to jam that. Will add you later on steam. If you’re looking for a good, free FPS then check out Paladins. Probably not a good game for me to play with you all geographically.

My steam name is themoustafa I believe… that or onebranchman.

I see two moustafas :X my ones NaRnErZz

exactly. I’ve just added Narnerzz anyway

It seems that Dota 2 has tower defense :open_mouth: I might download that. And it’s free.

I’ve played Dungeon Defenders recently and it wasn’t really my sort of thing.