Steam Usernames

Hi, post your steam usernames below so I can stalk you. Rust rules!


I’ll never play Rust.

live_after_death only left for dead 2

kalzor720 whatever i own

Those who need to know got it. Otherwise PM me for it.

Don’t have steam and probably never will. I never understood why everyone loves this DRM crippleware gateway that charges you money for everything, requires phoning home and monitors all your gaming. Don’t get me wrong a lot of valve’s games are very good, I just don’t believe in their DRM steam thing.

GOATSE. Come on man

I think I got my whole 50+ game collection for less than $50 total, with easy access to multiple computers. I see no issue with this.

My collection is pretty much like Cad’s, I’ve spent about $25 and have 25 games to show for it. Mostly from the humble bundle.