What are some good games to get, so far I have The Orange Box and Terraria.

Also, I have a three day guest pass for The Orange Box if anyone wants it.

Rhythm Zone if you’re into Guitar Hero clones
Tropico 3 if you’re into simulations
Left 4 Dead 1 and 2
Braid is good too yeah idk

Oh, definitely getting Audiosurf.

day of defeat

God i suck at terraria, can i join someones server and can you help me get started?

Trust me, if you take the easy way out then you’re just ruining the game for yourself. Once you obtain the better items there’s really not much else to do… it’s pretty much the point of the game.

Though playing online IS fun. I just wouldn’t suggest having someone give you the better stuff.

Alright, but I don’t even understand how to work the crafting booth thing I made. How do I open its interface?

Press Esc

Oh, I see.

Anyways, I have The Orange Box, Terraria, Counter Strike, Half-Life 2: Deathmatch, Day of Defeat, and Fallout 2. Im going to check out Rhythm Zone later, any more games I should get?

I’m considering Brink, is it worth it?


all of those.

not all of mine are good

like raycatcher


anyhow theres mine

‘Nimbus’ is frustratingly neat. It’s like super meat boy except you fuck up more often because you’re always moving;
But then again I liked ‘Ballance’ (youtube it, it’s not a steam game)

I say avoid any game made by SEGA, seriously, look at my steam list I have about 3~5 games of theirs, and they fucking blow.
I’m not sure if ‘Rocket Knight’ is branded by them, but that game back in the day was good. :smiley:
Is my list, I haven’t played all of them ironically enough.

Ahahahaha, Sega. How low they have fallen. Can they even see the top of the mountain anymore?

I liked Meat Boy, but it was frustrating, the controls are really slippery. D:
This is surprising. I thought since capcom and etc have mastered games where you need to climb walls and shit that Meat Boy would at least be good at it too.

I don’t think I have ever heard anyone complain about slippery controls with Super Meat Boy.

Can’t tell if sarcastic…

It’s the momentum that would be throwing him off, you don’t go to a dead stop after running.

I’m pretty sure that’s it. I never could tell if it was slippery, or it was momentum. All I know is that it’s annoying to stop on a dime in that game, and there’s times where you need to.

The trick of the game was to keep your momentum lol