Someone sent this to me while I was AFK. (I had Stefan pinned in a corner and went AFK) He was debugging some shit for Macs. I dunno. He touched me.

Haha, you got molested by a Graal Admin.

I’d have to say you’ve had one busy week…

Is that how you get your kicks, Spooon? A nude Urza/Downsider mixture?

I also find it creepy how you even remember my outfit :frowning:

lol, he had to look it up actually

Can’t trust any images with “me” in them if VariousWeapon has them… Creepy.

VariousWeapon aka Dominatrix Spooon aka Bath Time Beholder

…unplausible, how could I possibly be three people at the same time? Oh, and I can’t get onto testbed–Urza fix it now!!

a) you should be able to get on
b) you might want to re-upload the npulser_ levels

I haven’t been able to get on all week, hangs on loading weapons when I try to log in via client, skips to a blank rc when I try to get on to fix whatever the heck it is. I need an account reset… What’s his face making that new server was having the same problem. I blame your npc dismemberer.

What, did you not like them or something? I thought they were super awesome cool… Maybe I’ll replace it with “Zordon Solidarity: A Memorial for Spooon” server. :’(

Do it.

Gah, I forgot to screen shot Spooon playing with himself for a solid five minutes on N-Pulser…

hm? I did what?

You heard the girl.

Don’t go denying it, I’m talking about that fifteen minutes you spent in front of your house humping Grumpy Spooon to “STFU!!” and “Stay off my lawn!!”…

oh yeah I did that