stephane doesn't like the wiki

someone edited the graal wiki page about unixmad

lets take a look at the ip


wtf kind of name is unixmad anyway

lol looks like unixmad is into kiteboarding
although I could never really picture him doing that

lol just found this on google
firstname: Stephane
lastname: Portha
Company Name: TOONSLAB LTD
email: [email protected]
Address: 58 Sottise Road
City: Grand Baie
State/Province: Grand Baie
zip_code: 19808
Phone number: 23054789824

quick order a pizza for him!

Just keep reverting/editting it repeatedly at multiple times a day until he gives up. Use tor or a proxy or something or else the frenchie will try to ddos you and other laughable stuff. Also thanks for the IP… Stephane is little more than a dumb sad person. Maybe i’ll upload some stuff that’ll really make the pig squeal.

I’m using a wikia account so he can’t catch my IP, luckily. please if you can, do whatever you can do to tarnish his name online, he keeps extremely upset at the smallest of things

sleep tight, street bike