Stephane Portha aka Unixmad is still a small pathetic person that threatens children.


He doesn’t even vary up his script at all. All he ever does is go after people 16 and younger because he is a pathetic coward and wannabe bully.

I wonder if he realizes that even the 8 year olds don’t buy his threats anymore.

I’m sure that police all around the world take the word of an illiterate french pedophile and scammer who is hiding on an African island full of international criminals and fugitives seriously; just like they have been for the last 20 years since he was in France threatening and scamming children.

Also you can “contact him on Skype” :wink:



Who the fuck still uses Skype? Get with the times, Unixmad.


What is that even from?


Goatse’s facebook right?


It’s not me or my facebook page. I don’t really use facebook and I don’t use “smart” phones. My name’s not John and I’m not 16. this screenshot was sent to my email by a well known and informative graal related person. It’s some other kid that makes Stephane salty which at this point is probably over half of the people involved in GraalOnline staff, PlayerWorlds and people who defected to Stefan’s Avalonia game.

The last time I heard from Stephane was when he had some pseudo-attorney group send me a funny pdf file around 2013. He knows I don’t respond to his threats or those of his hired goons except for publicly posting them and that DDOSing me or threatening me or my hosts has never worked and never will work. So he has long since gave up with harassing me and other people like me who he can’t effect.


The only time Unixmad threatened me was in 2007. Did try to bribe me into working for him after he deleted all of my Graal accounts.


A good amount of people here have been threatened by Unixmad. Sad thing is he gives up pretty easily when he realizes you’re not 12. After I started memeing him he gave up pretty quick and went for the nice guy approach instead before leaving me alone forever lol


i wanna be threatened by unixmad too :frowning:


okay, make a site posting his dox or something lol


I knew unixmad was bad but not that bad. “Work for us or I’ll call the police on you”?
That reaches such a low.