Stephane surgery?

Did Stephane Portha fall under the pressure and decided to get a facelift?

But seriously I hope you use Tor and such when what you write can be understood as a death threat.

nah, I don’t give a shit lmao
Unixmad isn’t gonna do shit because he’s too lazy, he probably doesn’t even check his email

Should I take a pic of Unixmad to the gun range and film myself shooting it (dressed as an ISIS militant of course)? I think he’d like that.

That website has been the same ever since he made it two years ago.

He made a bunch of spamvertisement websites to try hiding all the negative things about him in search engine results…

The best thing to do is just make sure everyone knows the truth about him and ignore him. The guy is worthless and irrelevant and actually thrives on attention from kiddies. Though seeing him get enraged is worth a few laughs from time to time.

on a side note be careful even on satirical humor “the homeland” is incredibly anal when it comes to looking for false excuses to arrest and silence people since the “charlie hebdo” nonsense. if people even have a poptart that happens to look like a gun or a “suspicious looking box” they will rendition you away for it no matter how innocent you are. In the modern global police state you don’t dare criticize or make fun of the great Portha, Obama, Bush, Saudis, feminists or anyone else in “The State”

There are a whole bunch of double standards when it comes to who/what is okay to make fun of or parody especially in euroland.

If you must go the jihadi parody comedy route just don’t live in France and use a proxy or something. I recommend something like just photoshopping him with dicks instead.

okay i had to check my old Graal the adventure readme to see if i missed this person, since i didnt remember ever seeing his name at all, and now its everywhere.

Graal V1.33 Release Notes

Graal - The Adventure
Developed by: Stefan Knorr ([email protected])
Managed by: Cyberjoueur (St?phane Porta)

uh so… he is the manager? and he renamed his… managing- title, or company name or whatever? since i have never seen this ‘Eurocenter games’ before either. its like the worst, dullest, lamest and most cliche name for anything.
at first when i saw his name being everywhere, i thought Stefan renamed himself to something that sounds similar so he can hide from a crime gang or something while being called the same thing.

is this some kind of lame war or something though? its like he just put his name even in the website name and title to piss off everyone else related to graal.
just so even when Stefan searches for graal he sees ‘GraalOnline - Home - Stephane Portha’ (and that trollface grin on his webpage possibly)

What the fuck are you going on about?

I “Viper” am one of only a handful of people that linger around that know the real deal and history behind Graal, Stefan, Stephane and other people around it.

Graal was originally created in late 1997 or early 98’ as Zelda Online or Java Zelda by Stefan Knorr who was a student at University Rostock in Germany who got the idea from Chris Wright on the SNES Emulator Centre Forum and also made this and other Java applets as part of his programming courses.

At this time Unixmad aka Stephane Portha was nowhere to be found and probably still stealing from France Telecom people, in fact he did not show up until late 99’ and only then as a server host because Bomber aka Stefan Knorr was desperate to have a reliable host. Graal was free at this time and all the way up until February 2001. Besides hosting the server with help from others like Fuitad, Galen, PACHUKA, Azrael who did all the work and in exchange him getting all the bread/money Unixmad did absolutely nothing for Graal ever.

Unixmad’s early shell company related to Graal was known as Cyberjoueurs.

“Eurocenter France” didn’t even exist until 2000 and only then as a domain theft/cybersquatting company and had nothing to do with Graal until like 2008.

So to summarize it was Stefan Knorr aka Bomber who did 90% of the work for coding the clients and everything else and the players who made levels, npcs, graphics and all the content for free. Most of G.O.'s current website backend/frontend scripting was done by Mark Karpeles aka MagicalTux in 2003ish. Stephane sits in the background collecting all the money doing little more than being dishonest, occasionally threatening children and acting weird.

If GraalOnline seems like a poorly slapped together mess of discordant stolen material, it’s because it is.

Also Stephane Portha added his name to the GraalOnline website and every other domain he controls because he started to get a bad reputation after he stole the game Abuse from Dave Taylor and tried to resell it as his own product . and after several people published websites, ripoff reports and negative reviews about him online. It’s a poor SEO flooding trick attempt. Since then he has moved on to massive spamdexing as well

Just like every other dishonest scumbag on the internet, when he realizes he can’t shut up or censor something he tries to flood it out with nonsense.

its like goatse knows more about unixmad than unixmad does

I was kinda hoping for goatse to reveal some Stephane facelift affair :frowning:

Pretty good read… unixmad didn’t own graal prior to 2001?

I already knew all of this. Does that mean I’m one of a handful?

you knew stefan got the idea from an snes emulator forum? lol.

I think i’m one of the handful of people who had unixmad personally call his house at the age of 14 lul

wait what for? Was it a ‘fuck you, kid. You owe me money’ sort of thing? lol

That’s actually public knowledge and contained in early versions SECAIN’s house of house23.graal located in the southern swamp at level30.graal
the sign inside this house says

" THIS IS THE HOUSE OF SECAIN (Chris Wright). He maintains a website about emulator stuff.>
On January 17th 1998 he gives Stefan Knorr the idea to create this game! >
Visit SECAIN’s site at "

The old levels contain lots of easter eggs, player made stuff and fun facts.

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I do not know much about the internal agreements between Stefan and Stephane.

2001 was when Graal went pay to play.

Stefan and Stephane had some sort of agreement for Stephane to host the servers around mid 99ish

The first attempt to sell anything was with the “Graal Gold” 1.1.9 client for about $25 and the 1.1 client was officially shareware.

They also tried to make a Graal Gameboy game around the same time, but that also failed due to obvious reasons…

Yeah I remember when it first started going p2p - someone lent me a p2p account when g2k1 first started (don’t even remember why) but me and my older brother did a shit ton of bread rolling and farming to get 100 gralats and traded it for a p2p account haha. Good times lol

I think it was toward the end of me/jellyfish anti-unixmad run in 2005ish, and I was hosting the server at the time. So he spoke to my father and unbanned all my accounts in exchange for shutting down the site. Think that lasted about a year or so, then I think 2007 graal reborn became what it is today? Sorry if the years are off, it’s been a while lol

Stephane’s facebook account has a nice video of graal gameboy that shows it went further in development than the rom that was leaked. It seemed to have potential but somehow to fall short of feeling like a nintendo game.

Didn’t know of that website, Game Boy Graal would have felt more serious.

Yes, because the Chris fellow was on Graalians and told the story.

have link to thread? curious

I remember him showing up a few months ago. He was like “hey. Graal was my idea, but wtf happened to it”