String Bug! :O

Okay, the bug would be you have a level file with over 56kb of scripting packed into it.
I have about 57 strings set to my person.
What happens is, your strings start to edited themselves with slash marks, thus messing up what they need to be doing.
(This is all online only, offline it’s fine.)

 If you want me to I could send you my system_testing room ( I had to split the level into 2 rooms to fix the bug) Nalin if it helps more than my description, but I don't want to make an attachable file considering it's my whole servers system so far xD

Just upload your level someplace and PM the link to me. Then, describe what it is doing wrong, and what it should be doing correctly.

:slight_smile: shall do

Nothing new has come up, so I assume this was resolved.