Taking Down Galen


[CENTER][FONT=georgia][B][SIZE=28px]Antago, God of Gravity[/SIZE][/B][/FONT][/CENTER]

[FONT=georgia]Hi Galen,

Antago here. So I awoke 6 months after years of severe depression & researching psychology as well as law to figure out what my life purpose is. I realized something, that Unixmad’s first big money scheme when he took Bomy Moon was to sell my game and use all of this money to build an empire and cut me out. Bomber is in on it too, but he finally got screwed by Unixmad so he showed interested in helping.

NicoX was apparently a similar story; on Graal Kingdoms his work was stolen and he too was banned from the community that belonged to him by Unixmad. The difference is that I never submitted my content through a web form with Terms & Agreements, I was a 14 year old American, and content was shared over ICQ or FTP. I never signed any contracts, and I wasn’t paid.

NicoX expressed interest in a class action with me; I don’t know how I would possibly do it by this point, as I actually acquired a form of PTSD from Unixmad’s theft & harassment which until about 6 months ago I remained in denial about. Now I realize that a big part of this pain goes back to the fact that all of the money he was making from Bomy Moon was pretty much rightfully mine, considering people were paying to play as bomies & see my content. Unixmad did nothing other than illegally market my stuff, and Bomber simply built an engine using the NPC Server (my idea) and used Zelda’s graphics to build a common tile-based level engine with a player & some C++ commands; in other words, the game was technically mine.

Where are you at?[/FONT]
[HR][/HR] [FONT=georgia]Galen, God of Chaos

Greetings Antago!

What funny timing you have… Just yesterday another Graalian (or whatever I used to call the population) hit me me up for an unrelated matter.

I’ve flagged this message for follow-up tomorrow evening. In the mean time, you’re free to look me up on Facebook, I keep tabs on King Clops, Spider, Viper, Lycia, and a couple others on there, and can hook you up with them.

Chris Sohns[/FONT]
[HR][/HR] Galen, God of Chaos


Apologies for my brief email last night, I happened to check this mailbox
before going to bed and happened to see your email near the top. I get
zillions of messages at this address and normally, would have most probably
lost it to the noise. I’m glad I checked it when I did.

It’s unfortunate to hear you and NicoX had a bad experience “working” with
Stephane Portha, in the back of my mind I believe I knew Stefan Knorr had a
falling out too. IANAL and know absolutely nothing in regard to
international Intellectual Property law the time, but my thoughts are,
regardless of your age at the time, the years since it happened, and the
fact there was no formal agreement, you probably essentially gave your time
and art away by uploading it for intended use on the platform. I sincerely
hope an international IP lawyer will tell you differently or at least give
you some piece of mind by providing some options.

Stephane and I trade emails every few years. We say, “hi,” ask how work is,
he offers me a job, I turn it down, and that’s it. June 2015 was the last
time we spoke, I don’t think I even finished the conversation this time
around, I probably ghosted on him. When I was laid off from Cyberjoueurs in
2001, we parted on good terms, plus I was rather amused it took a full
decade for his platform to rebound from by departure. Me leaving was not
likely the primary factor of the decline in usage, but it couldn’t have
helped. I heard from my successor, Ibonic I believe, things got quite
chaotic after that.

My Graal experience taught me more of what I did and did not want to do for
a living, plus it opened doors. After leaving I built a career as an IT
Generalist. These days I sling DevOps alongside Information Security and
Business Continuity Management Systems compliance in Boulder, Colorado.

Feel free to get a hold of me,

[HR][/HR] Antago, God of Gravity

[FONT=georgia]I as well will apologize for the brief email, as I am on my phone and plan to write a more thorough response.

The way I see it (law of the land aside) is that at 14 my work belonged to me. GoDaddy or some other service does not own the creative rights to files on a server. I know much time has passed, and I think that’s how Unixmad works: Mind-fuck and traumatize children, then convince them he’s harmless.

The man in truth, doesn’t own a single shred of Graal. Running a server doesn’t make you a game maker. We both know he never played, didn’t know many people, and was grooming developers to build games using Stefan’s basic tools and then pretend the two built a game.

In the end it was all simple robbery; I even asked them at one point for royalties before I launched and was denied. In other words, they straight up said to a 14 year old: We’re stealing your work and selling it for ourselves.[/FONT]
[HR][/HR] Antago, God of Gravity

[FONT=georgia]You know, I really do want to confront you … About how a grown adult was placing adverts online to market to children to submit their creations so that he can use their soul to build something he couldn’t.

Your total lack of ethics and professionalism. That fake front you put up to look nice and accomplished by stealing and manipulating, looking for people’s weakenesses to throw in their face.

You’re the fucking devil, and you were NEVER my Game Master nor anyone’s. You were an untalented thief obsessed with his own ego and controlling other people’s lives that didn’t belong to him.

I am wiping you from your position, and you are going down in history for what you are: A thief & a tyrant who stole credit, power, art, innocence, and glory.[/FONT]
[HR][/HR] Galen, God of Chaos

[FONT=georgia]It’s been nearly 3 months since I last heard from you. I find your current demeanor very perplexing, originally your goal appeared to revolve around convincing me to assist you with suing Unixmad, and now, you’re directly lashing out at me. Neither of these tactics are likely to grain you any traction towards your healing process

I highly recommend focusing your passions on a single tangible goal at a time. I am willing to participate in a Hangout with you, so we can sit face-to-face and have a civil discussion. Both of us have grown, as human beings, over the past 16 years, as have the rules governing Intellectual Properly. I’m no expert in the matter, but I can provide you with what insight I can remember.

Let me know your thoughts.[/FONT]
[HR][/HR] Antago, God of Gravity

[FONT=georgia]I appreciate your civility considering I am not a happy camper. I don’t know what your intentions were, and I know you had some bad ones but I also don’t think you understood the severity of the importance the content in each of the developer’s lives played. A lot of us were children, and a few minutes of fame was not always something to turn down.

I know that when I made Destiny, designed the NPC Server, & Bomy Moon, there was enough content there & revolutionary capability that I should have been able to grow up and recode my own games and be financially stable. Instead I’ve just been facing this trauma alone, and Stefan is a pathological liar which is verifiable through archive.org records of my own website along with leaked versions of my hard drive. He insists on calling me a liar, crazy, and saying I didn’t make all these things, as did Unixmad.

Yet I know that without Destiny, the NPC Server, & Bomy Moon that simply had no product. They were highly skilled manipulators, and unfortunately in a world where I could have for the past 16 years been reproducing Destiny, my own characters, stories, and critters in ever evolving titles–some sociopath who couldn’t make a game if his life depended on it, and a certifiable stranger, is banking big bucks off me.

I’ve been tossing around their abusive claims that I didn’t make anything substantial for the past 16 years, and now that I run my own marketing agency, went to school for programming, and essentially achieved expert hood in every department, I know enough to harness the courage to admit to myself that it is was all a mind game they played on my adolescent mind.

They marketed my game to hire new people. In the real world, being a good programmer and a hungry marketer doesn’t give you rights over a game title; they sold my destinies (not to be too punny), and to make matters worse they want to argue with me about it & call me conceited for being robbed by two men who couldn’t come up with a game of their own so they took a bunch of stuff from a defenseless child to raise all their money.[/FONT]
[HR][/HR] Antago, God of Gravity

[FONT=georgia]I’m telling you the same thing I told Stefan. I spoke with Archangel Gabriel. This is the Age of Aquarius, the age of the Holy Graal. The dawning of the Internet on planet earth. What is happening here is not a joke.

I spoke with the child labor agency and they agree that what happened is child labor. A handful of American children have been exploited & the malpractice has continued with Unixmad’s Terms & Conditions luring children in with the echoes of our empire, and it has been reported to the government by the child rights movement.

I have written documents upon documents and been given divine inspiration. I am pushing live with this story.

You were well aware of what Unixmad & Stefan were doing, and the amount of content & administration I supplied as well as other children. Remove Graal from your resume & relinquish calling yourself our Game Master. It’s time to give me justice. I already have word from Archangel Gabriel naming me king, and we are not happy about either your claims, Stefan, or Unixmad’s; you can choose to give me justice, or you can go down in history as a grown man who stood by.[/FONT]
[HR][/HR] Galen, God of Chaos

[FONT=georgia]I just noticed you wrote me again and recalled I never replied to this one. I’m an idiot, no excuses. I hate email. You would honestly receive vastly higher quality and more complete responses from me if we did a voice chat.

I understand you are pissed off at the entire Graal situation. INAL, but I believe you need to focus your expert hood to create a game or gaming platform to outperform the one currently at market.

Seek legal counsel as needed.[/FONT]
[HR][/HR] Antago, God of Gravity

[FONT=georgia]You cannot spar. You did not cheat nor provide yourself with any real notable weapons or personas. You used Nick’s head designed by Mandi.

You sucked as an editor and you didn’t edit either. The warp ring pretty much ruined the game because it was ill thought out.

You did not make levels. You didnt make graphics. You rarely played. You had a fan site for a brief moment in time then gave up, adding some content to Unixmad’s website to disguise your ineptitude as something faux official.

You built some web tools to handle submissions illegally from real developers and children to fuel the theft, which for a long while I was administrating myself while you pretended to be my manager for God knows why, considering you were actually my client but at that not a paying one, making you a vagina intima with venom.

Those web tool scripts you made aren’t even game tools. They are called web tools. You own the rights to that code, free to do WHATEVER you wish–including packaging, selling, or providing them as Open Source under GL licenses–WHATEVER it is, & nobody cares it’s your life and has nothing to do with a game. In fact you never even provided your code to the public though you sure loved providing everyone’s graphics and priceless virtual realities to the fucking public.

Kudos to you you piece of worthless shit.

In fact, there were dozens of Level Admins including myself and who all did it infinitely better than you, Account Admins, several Server Admins. In terms of content and community spirit, there were very few actually creating a game, and I was hacked about a dozen times including policing accounts, administrating the game, and uploading hundreds of levels, coming up with new breakthrough ideas for the software, designing all the icons you see, and handling websites.

You are not now, nor were you then one of those people who made levels, played, and administrated. You were marketer. You called yourself Game Master for prestige, and quite frankly Unixmad allowed it because you were truly just as worthless, harmless, and viable to the evil cause of stealing people’s games while glorifying yourself for providing web tools to market the scheme.

Getting two intellectual bandits to call you a Game Master over other people’s games is called ensnarement.

I mean, I ran around the woods playing panthers and Ninja Turtles during my childhood just as much as the next person, but I don’t believe that I am one–nor do I pretend that having passwords to a creep’s server & marketing someone else’s games, dreams, potential, visions, administration, and other content for an even lazier, more worthless and selfish marketer unpaid & illegally makes me anything other than an accomplice & a secretary.

You want to be a Game Master? Go make your own fucking game. I already did it with free tools provided me you fucking idiot, no different than using Photoshop to paint the next Sistine Chapel belongs to me. Everything I made as a prototype in that community, all the funds, all the websites, icons, ideas, and the fans belonged to myself–not to you–so quit with the fucking act.

No. You, Unixmad, and Bomber have been exploiting the truth just as you are doing it today to feel falsely validated. You are robbing the spirit of others by exploiting the power. The power you gained through password security, programming, and adult indignation.

If I throw someone in a basement, does that make them my property? Can I now call them my wife?

So where the heck do you, Bomber and Unixmad get off calling yourselves owners & masters of the God-given spirit and games He gave to other people? You think exploiting power somehow changes the truth?[/FONT]
[HR][/HR] Galen, God of Chaos

[FONT=georgia]I’m not going to fan your flames. If this ever comes down to an official investigation, please forward my contact information to the investigators.

I sincerely wish you a happy life.[/FONT]
[HR][/HR] Antago, God of Gravity

[FONT=georgia]Galen, I don’t see the need for you for anything. You were a liar then, and you were building a game for a sociopath which you knew by building your own name by playing God and doing nothing.

In the real world, the games and content people build and create belong to them. Creating tools to have people submit their entire worlds and lives doesn’t make you a leader, a game developer, a game master, or anything else.

It doesn’t make Bomber or Unixmad a game developer either, and I already have records of them intentionally using my childhood games with documentation and archives proving my content. Destiny and Bomy Moon were mine.

Not yours. Not Bomber’s. Not Unixmad’s. And your input isn’t needed because you did neither administrate these projects, contribute to them, nor receive them. I uploaded these on my own accord because while you were busy pretending to be a Game Master over my life and other people’s by encouraging people submit their independently created fortunes to make you look more legitimate, I was already doing my own thing and so were others.

In fact the validation you received for your title isn’t real validation, because Bomber and Unixmad were already robbing me as a kid on purpose out of a great life so that fat fuck can move to Mauritius, and robbing others. Your title as a Game Master isn’t needed.

You were a nerd who had access on a practical pedophile’s life. You and I barely communicated then, and the high esteement of your journey, we both know, is bullshit.

I am an independent game developer and designer, Game Master over my own games. Unixmad offering free hosting to me through ICQ makes me no less, and those two were always taking my prodigious efforts and pretending they had a game of their own. Classic was a modge podge of independent developers and you facilitated and encouraged the illusion.

As for Archangel Gabriel, your overseeing of the submission of children to administrate and monitor their own online communities, taking credit as the king bee, again, is about as viable as Unixmad and Bomber claiming they made my games.

No, these are just words. You were a nerd facilitating others to submit their own games and claiming you were their masters over their own games without paying for them, and again without contracts and many of them children.

Taking such credit is unethical. You are not a [master].[/FONT][/CENTER]


Huh, interesting, better places for seeking support and validation… keep up with that.

Cool. I fixed the original post since the software on these forums breaks on strange characters

That can’t be true, as the forums are still functioning with you here.

hosler was right about the craziness increasing on this account

No I def have different personas

okay dude

I ate a really fancy ham sandwich today and it was probably the best ham sandwich I have ever tasted.

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holy fuck I’m not reading that

To sum it up, Galen is happy to be in contact with someone from Old Graal. Antago gets upset at Galen after he doesn’t want to help Antago in his mission to destroy Unixmad. Antago then says he has spoken with Archangel Gabriel and that Galen doesn’t deserve to be called a “gamemaster” while ranting about PTSD all while Galen remains calm and polite.

Galen was not excited to be in contact with me; this is all just an act, as it has always been with him. Old chat logs of Galen & my own interactions with Galen prove that he is just a narcissist, like many people on the Internet & in gaming. He is a common sociopath with little skills looking to soak up reputation points & prestigious titles by playing professional, which any actor can do.

The dude was two-faced then and he’s two-faced now. My quest for justice comes from an inner burning and a righteous place; real children were exploited, and Galen was in on it & stood by continually calling himself the Game Master for his own benefit rather than saying anything. After all, if he did say anything, he would have had to admit that I was the true Game Master, and these two men were selling a child’s creation. So, instead, Galen just left & continued calling himself the Game Master. He stood up for nothing, which means life goes easier on him while the truth suffers–even if it means watching children get exploited; he just snuck away and kept what he wanted: An awesome title for his resume & getting credit for doing nothing.

And Galen did in fact do next to nothing; that is, he would tend to accounts from time-to-time, and play very very occasionally, while I myself ran his job 24/7 for GFX Design, Vangel, Olorin & Myself ran the Levels Admin team.

Galen has had 15 years to get in contact with me; he has no interest in talking to anyone, only pretending to be interested when they approach him. When things get serious he just walks away and doesn’t respond anymore, and that is why I am no longer protecting Galen’s scam. Because he keeps up appearances and that’s all he does; but he doesn’t make friends. He just acts professional on the surface, while other people do the work and even handle enormous court cases while he’d just rather say, “Okay. Let me know how it goes.” No, Galen feels no conscience or passion for justice or Graal of any kind, nor anyone from the game–and he never did. He was there, advertising to developers to send in content so he could make a game doing nothing & then take the credit to propel his career. And that’s what he did; it’s on his resume.

[quote]2/19/99 11:51 PM PACHUKA do you want the god page for the elders page?

2/19/99 11:51 PM Galen ahhhhhhhhhhhhh

                     galen isn't as smart as he pretends to be

2/19/99 11:53 PM PACHUKA oompa loompa doompity dee

2/19/99 11:54 PM Galen pass that along to scobbie and emphisife the being fat

                     (you didn't get it from me, she thinks sh'e my friend
                     and tells me all sorts of nift, black-mailable, things)

2/19/99 11:55 PM Galen and yes for the god page

2/19/99 11:56 PM Galen hehehehehehe i like it

2/19/99 11:56 PM PACHUKA you haven’t seen it yet?[/quote]

Galen has no feelings, and he has no concern for the rights of the people he ripped off. What was free hosting on Unixmad’s server, Galen claims ownership over and called himself the Game Master, which is strange because I was the only one holding the events, at the top ranks of Baddies & JF, contributing to software breakthroughs, online full-time, graphics administrating, I uploaded the most levels to the Graal Classic server, putting together teams of players, running my own active websites to supply content & spirit to the community, administrating accounts, and adding player accounts. I also had the first playerworld, came up with the NPC Server, and built the first pay-server where I administrated it for a week before the scam was sinking in.

So, yes, of course Galen plays excited and calm. He doesn’t care, he doesn’t love anyone but himself, he doesn’t make games, and he did it all for a title–and stood by when children were being ripped off, denied them credit & prestige to walk away and claim it for himself.

The dude is a piece of shit, and frankly I can call myself the Queen of fucking England but it doesn’t mean I am her. He wasn’t a Game Master, and he allowed children’s lives to be stolen and all the credit to be taken so that he could keep a title he didn’t earn. He was just some dude from Zelda Online that knew some stuff about servers, so Unixmad & Bomber (as if these two people are beacons of honesty, justice, and professionalism) called him Game Master; but these two idiots also claim they came up with the NPC Server from New World, which I proved to be a lie on archive.org; they also claimed they came up with bomies, and I just supplied graphics. They also claim I didn’t make levels and I just made graphics. They also claim they made Bomy Moon, which is all proved to be a lie, and Viper, Kyle0654, Gonmon, and everyone around can attest to this.

So was Galen a Game Master, or just some dude Unixmad & Bomber could rely on to hand a fake title to while the real work & Game Master was being scammed, demeaned, devalued, ignored, slandered, and robbed so Galen could go on ahead and make big bucks with his fake fucking title?

You know who made the main Graal icon that’s been used for 15 years, designed the gralat gem & changed its functionality, big portions of the tileset, designed other pieces of software like Graal Character Designer & the Graal Clock? Who posted and updated new personal quests that he made taking over after PACHUKA took everything? Who ran the first Graal3D website?

I can assure you, it wasn’t Galen.

No, it would be too risky to give credit to a child whose money would build your gaming empire when Galen has already proved to be a great accomplice.

Everything in Graal is smoke & mirrors, designed to market all of the power & glory back to a den of thieves–and they do indeed appear professional, and pretend to like you to your face when at the end of the day they wouldn’t give you a single dime of a fortune that was paid for your uncontracted labor. None of them; Galen wouldn’t have did it either. Galen was in it for Galen, and the juicy title of Game Master, however phony it was, was something he’d hold onto just by being a corny d-bag from Zelda Online. It was just too easy to call a grown man inviting children to submit entire games they made for Unixmad’s power, who had no content of his own to later sue for; I mean, he could never sue because he never created anything–and he was the perfect accomplice who would lure game developers in for the scam and run off not saying a single thing so long as they all agreed to continue falsely calling him something he didn’t earn.

When PACHUKA called a lawyer, Unixmad & Bomber most definitely saw big bucks in a grown egotistical sociopath who created nothing copyrightable himself named Galen who was good at getting people to submit priceless content & pretending to be people’s friend to their face.

okay dude